Simplicity and Versatility

If you are thinking about buying your first tractor, the MF 35 is the perfect partner for your farm or contracting business.

The MF 35 puts tractor power within everyone’s reach. It brings mechanisation to a new generation of farmers, farm workers and emerging agricultural businesses. It could transform the livelihood of your family or your community.

Best of all, the MF 35 comes from Massey Ferguson – a name highly trusted and well-respected amongst the farming community.

Key Benefits

Specification & Technical Features

  • Rugged 36hp engine – enough pulling power for a huge range of jobs
  • Tried and tested 6-forward/2-reverse speed mechanical gearbox – provides a good range of speeds for field and road work
  • Hard-wearing robust construction – for the roughest, toughest treatment
  • Built in a modern factory to high quality standards
  • Compact size - for exceptional manoeuvrability on smaller plots of land
  • Rear three-point hitch with maximum lift capacity of 1100 kg - enables the use of a wide variety of implements
  • Choice of matched implements including cultivation, planting and transport equipment

Available Models


Max Power (hp)



Max Torque (Nm)*

Lift Capacity (kg)

MF 35 36.5 Simpson SJ323, 3 cylinder 6 Forward x 2 Reverse Speed Mechanical 137 1,100
* @2000 rpm

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