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Robustly engineered to easily cope with a wide range of tasks, the MF 1700 E has been developed for smaller farms and related businesses, including intensive horticulture, vineyards, orchards and other operations where space is at a premium.

These lightweight and manoeuvrable machines are also perfect for estate management, golf courses and sports facilities.

High performance and plenty of power enable these tractors to deliver reliability in various operations, whilst ensuring ease of use and comfort for the operator.

Key Benefits

Fuel-efficient engines

Fuel-efficient engines

The two new MF 1700 E models deliver 40hp or 54hp from the latest Stage V-compliant engines, with smooth, straightforward manual transmissions.

Comfort for the operator

Comfort for the operator

Both models provide a comfortable, convenient and logical workplace, where the priority is ease of use and ergonomic layout of controls.

Low operating costs

Low operating costs

Routine engine maintenance is simplified considerably by the design of the one-piece bonnet cover, which opens fully on a damper to provide easy access for routine checks and servicing. All controls on the MF 1700 E are specifically positioned to allow straightforward and reliable operations.



Fitted as standard, the MF 1700 E benefits from a 540 rpm independent PTO, with selectable standard or soft start for the operation of powerful equipment. A stationary PTO switch features on both models, mounted on the rear fender.

Hydraulics, Linkage, PTO

A straightforward, open-centre hydraulic system, with an impressive lift capacity of up to 1200kg, generates up to 32,2 l/min hydraulic flow. This enables these compact workhorses to operate a wide range of implements and equipment, smoothly and with ease.

Engine & Transmission

The new MF 1755 E 54hp engine works with a 12F / 12R mechanical transmission, while the 40hp MF 1740 E model has an 8F / 8R version.


Ease of access and straightforward routine maintenance is possible thanks to the one-piece bonnet that will stay in a fully-opened position, whilst checks and servicing are being carried out.

Operator Environment

On the MF 1755 E there is a flat-floor platform, while the MF 1740 E features a straightforward semi-platform. On both models, the operator has the benefit of a comfortable and convenient work station. A thick rubber mat enhances the working environment, insulating the operator from noise and vibration.

All the controls are logically placed on either side of the seat. Levers for the linkage and spool valves are located along the right side of the seat, while the two/four-wheel drive selector and range shift are to the left. A convenient drink holder is positioned on the fender.

Available Models


Max Power (HP)



Max Torque (Nm)

Lift Capacity (kg)

MF 1740 E 40 3-Cylinder Mechanical (8F/8R) 112 1,000
MF 1755 E 54 4-Cylinder Mechanical (12F/12R) 175 1,200

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