Massey Ferguson offers a heavy-duty range of agricultural Trailers.

For all your haulage needs, Massey Ferguson’s single and double axle trailers are equipped with easy and quick attachments for hassle-free hitching.

MF Trailers are made from a high tensile steel construction so are hard-wearing and extremely durable. With a very strong chassis, they are capable of handling 3 to 12 tonnes depending on the model.

MF Trailer Features

  • High tensile steel construction
  • Very strong Frame
  • Drawbar with mechanical jack adjustable in 3 positions on LT3-1 and TT5
  • Drawbar with hydraulic jack adjustable in 3 positions on TT10 and TT12
  • Mechanical brake drums on LT3-1 and TT5 fitted as standard
  • Hydraulic brakes on LT3-1, TT5, TT10 and TT12 fitted as standard with springs on TT10 and TT12
  • Lighting with 7 pole plug and reflectors on TT5, TT10 and TT12
  • Signalling equipment and light device on TT5, TT10 and TT12
  • Tipping mechanism (Tri-lateral tilting on LT3-1, TT5, and TT10, rear tilting on TT12)
  • Rails for poles in collars on LT3-1 and TT5
  • Rear inferior opening with lever on TT10 and TT12

Available MF Trailer Models


Net weight (kg)

Gross weight (kg)

Unladen weight (kg)

Width (m)

Length (m)

Depth (m)

Number of Axles

MF LT3-1 2,280 3,000 720 3 1.6 0.5 1
MF TT5 3,820 5,000 1,180 3.2 1.9 0.45 1
MF TT10 7,600 10,000 2,400 4.6 2.3 0.45 2
MF TT12 7,880 12,000 4,120 5.5 2.3 0.6 2

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