MF 400 Series - Trailed Planters 

Ideal for summer crops, the MF 400 Planters brings the best value for small and medium-sized farms. Available in two versions, it can work with 7 and 9 rows. The planters come in pivoted and paralelogram versions, so that you get the highest crop yield, and shank furrow opener for your equipment to provide superior performance in the toughest planting conditions.

The MF 400 series is your trailed planter regardless of the terrain, providing maximum agility to your crop.

Key Benefits

Ready for any challenge

Ready for any challenge

The MF 400 reinforced frame guarantee the planter will resist the toughest situations imposed by the ground conditions. The shank guarantees ideal performance even in the toughest planting situations. It has different options for the press wheels and depth gauge wheels. The paralelogram seed rows follow the ground contour thanks to their wide articulation range; and the pivoted articulation system is perfect for even ground. With easy adjustments, the MF 400 is suitable for any planting situation.

Increased resistance and durability

Increased resistance and durability

The seed and fertilizer tanks of the MF 400 line are made of resistant and anticorrosive polymeric material, providing greater durability to the equipment. In addition, their unique design make product flow more easily. Without any direct contact with metal parts and an efficient tilting system, it requires less time for cleaning and maintenance. A fuse protection system in the fertilizer meter drive protect the transmission from damages caused by any rigid object that might enter in the meter. Increased reliability and safety with long-life equipment.

The right amount of seeds and fertilizer

The right amount of seeds and fertilizer

The metering unitys of the MF 400 planters aims to provide the necessary accuracy for you to save seeds and fetilizer. The fixed shank or with disengage system work to prevent obstructions and improve the distribuition of the fertilizer along the furrows. The discs accurately meter different types of seeds and the high-precision metering unity provides the ideal amount of fertilizer for high germination. Crops develop homogeneously with increased accuracy, efficiency and economy.

Available Models


Maximum Seed capacity (kg)

Maximum Fertiliser capacity (kg)

Row spacing maximum (m)

Minimum Working Width (m)

Maximum Working Width (m)

MF 407 - 4 to 7 Rows 350 740 0.9 2.1 2.7
MF 409 - 5 to 9 Rows 450 950 0.9 3 3.6
Only available in selected markets. Please check with your local Massey Ferguson Dealer or Distributor.

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