Trailed Mechanical or Vacuum Meter Planter

With 8 different models, the MF 500 planter series provides the best versatility for you to choose the best solution for your crop. With a large pneumatic box, it increases working capacity to up to 20%. It allows the assembly of offset and folding lines with self-lubricating bushings. Fewer points to lubricate means more time on the go. With a robust monoblock chassis and shielded bearings, the MF 500 is the best option for delivering unparalleled results.

Key Benefits

Increase the amount of bags harvested per hectare

Increase the amount of bags harvested per hectare

The MF 500 series uses technologies that focus on increasing yield. Thanks to the seed metering carried out by the Precision Planting System, the planter delivers quality planting without wasting seeds. The standard vSet2 dispenser has the best singulation on the market: 99.6% singulation when planting corn, for example. The row also has offset side limiters that provide ideal depth for seeding. This translates into more efficient planting for unmatched harvest.

Reduced downtime, increased uptime.

Reduced downtime, increased uptime.

With the MF 500 series you have the peace of mind of having your equipment available when you need it. The crop row frame was designed to reduce downtime. It has self-lubricating bushings on the folding links that prevent excessive component wear. The cutting line has several disc models that can be cleaned both on the inside and outside. This reduces the risk of plugging, without grease fittings. With improved cut and spacing and less vibration, the MF 500 is the versatile planter that adapts to all types of terrain, maintaining excellent work.

Ease and agility at your fingertips

Ease and agility at your fingertips

The MF 500 planters have a drop tank for a quick supply. This way, your planter will spend less time stopped and more time on the field. The boxes are large and the space between them allows for much easier refilling. The MF 500 brings you closer to an outstanding operating performance.

Available Models


Maximum Seed Capacity (kg)

Maximum Fertiliser Capacity (kg)

Row Spacing - Maximum (m)

Minimum Working Width (m)

Maximum Working Width (m)

MF 508 - 7 to 8 Rows 416 1,070 0.5 2.97 3.15
MF 509 - 8 to 9 Rows 468 1,350 0.5 3.4 3.6
MF 510 - 9 to 10 Rows 520 1,630 0.5 6.3 6.5
MF 511 - 10 to 11 Rows 568 1,630 0.5 4 4.05
MF 512 - 11 to 12 Rows 624 1,890 0.5 4.67 4.95
MF 513 - 12 to 13 Rows 672 1,890 0.5 5.1 5.4
MF 515 - 13 to 15 Rows 776 2,150 0.5 5.95 6.3
MF 517 - 15 to 17 Rows 880 2,705 0.5 7 7.2
Only available in selected markets. Please check with your local Massey Ferguson Dealer or Distributor.

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