Improved efficiency, increased yield and better planting rates in compact soil conditions.

The MF700 Planter with Precision Planting technology is the answer for those looking to standardize planting with minimum seed waste. An equipment that provides modern technology with reduced maintenance costs.

There are 8 models available, according to the number of rows. The large seed tank capacity is the same: 1200kg. It is equipped with Fertisystem® fertilizer metering unity and operates with a variable rate of fertilizer and seed. With a wide range of options and combinations of cutting discs, fertilizer furrow openers, depth limiters and press wheels, you can tailor the MF700 to the specific needs of your crop.

Key Benefits

Standardized planting with almost 100% singularity

Standardized planting with almost 100% singularity

To increase harvest profitability, even planting is essential. With that in mind, the MF700 Planters feature Precision Planting Technology, a system that ensures the correct spacing of seeds, even at higher speeds. Combined with the vSet2 Meter, it ensures that the seeds are deposited equally in each furrow. The best singulation to deliver lower rates of variation and waste. The MF 700 planters can also be equipped with the vDrive Controller and 20/20 Ger3 Monitor. Your planting gains the standardization you want with equipment that works faster and at a lower cost.

Reduced maintenance, increased quality in the plantation

Reduced maintenance, increased quality in the plantation

The MF 700 planter frame has been designed with the least amount of lubrication points possible. So, it easy and simple to maintain, everything you need for it to keep on planting. With a design that favors contact with the ground and a maximum cut power, the MF 700 minimizes the risk of clogging. Increased efficiency and quality of planting to boost your productivity. Without grease points and with compression spring pressure, this planter adapts to all types of terrain.

Winning frame and workforce

Winning frame and workforce

To make the process more agile, the MF 700 has a central seed tank with the capacity for a whole big bag. With a wide circulation platform, refilling your planter will be faster and easier. You gain in work autonomy and operational efficiency. The MF planter has a more robust chassis and all the features for you to maximize your yield.

Available Models


Maximum Seed capacity (kg)

Maximum Fertiliser capacity (kg)

Row spacing maximum (m)

Minimum Working Width (m)

Maximum Working Width (m)

MF 711 - 10 to 11 Rows 1,200 1,700 0.5 4.5 4.5
MF 713 - 12 to 13 Rows 1,200 2,900 0.5 5.4 5.5
MF 715 - 14 to 14 Rows 1,200 3,350 0.5 6.3 6.5
MF 717 - 16 to 17 Rows 1,200 3,800 0.5 7.2 7.5
MF 722 - 20 to 22 Rows 2,400 4,900 0.5 9.45 9.5
MF 726 - 24 to 26 Rows 2,400 5,800 0.5 11.25 11.5
MF 730 - 28 to 30 Rows 2,400 6,700 0.5 13.05 13.5
Only available in selected markets. Please check with your local Massey Ferguson Dealer or Distributor.

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