A true compact tractor to suit your sector

The MF 1500 Series has a reputation for performance and reliability in diverse applications. Massey Ferguson has strengthened its position in the compact tractor sector by introducing a hydrostatic transmission model powered by a three cylinder diesel engine.

Key Benefits

Powerful, fuel-efficient engines

Powerful, fuel-efficient engines

Two models from 20hp to 25hp all rely on easy-to-use transmissions. A range of 4-wheel drive models with PTO options make these tractors the ideal choice for smaller farming operations and many other rural enterprises.

Operator comfort and control

Operator comfort and control

All main controls are positioned for ease of use and accessibility, while the instrument panel provides a complete and clear display of all the information the driver needs to operate the tractor safely and efficiently.



Low running costs, ease of maintenance and high residual values.

Reliable, economical engines

Reliable, economical engines

MF 1500 models are powered by fuel-efficient, 3 cylinder engines. Their torque characteristics have been specifically designed to achieve optimum productivity and simple operation.

Mid and rear PTO power

Mid and rear PTO power

All MF 1500 tractors are equipped with either a mechanical or an independent rear PTO.

Hydraulics, Linkage, PTO

Models with hydrostatic transmissions come equipped with a mid-mounted PTO (2,000rpm). Rear-mounted PTO drive is 540rpm as standard on the all the tractors.

All models are fitted with a Cat. 1 three-point linkage with a lift capacity of 600 kg.

Engine & Transmission

A choice of transmissions, including 8-speed mechanical or 3-range hydrostatic, with PowerShuttle and powershift changes.

Models with hydrostatic transmissions come equipped with a mid-mounted PTO (2,000rpm).


A tilting bonnet and removal side panels ease access for engine servicing and maintenance.


A new integrated beacon harness and dedicated switch, offering drivers extra convenience, are now part of the standard equipment on the MF 1520 and MF 1525 models.

New rear view mirrors fitted on both sides on the full MF 1500 range, offer drivers improved visibility and increased safety.

Two new hand grips and a footstep on the left side of the tractor offer drivers safe and easy access to the platform.

Operator Environment

A spacious platform provides comfort and convenience with ergonomically arranged controls placed to the left and right of the seat.

The fully adjustable mechanical suspension seat ensures operators are always sitting in the most comfortable position.

Available with turf or agricultural tyres.

Available Models


Max Power (HP)



Max Torque (Nm)

Lift Capacity (kg)

MF 1520 20 3-Cylinder Mechanical 63 600
MF 1525 25 3-Cylinder Hydrostatic 76 600

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