The robust, reliable MF 300 Series

The MF 300 Series has been designed specifically for small grain and professional rice growers, ensuring minimum soil compaction and excellent traction.

Key Benefits

Specifically designed to meet the needs of small grain and professional wheat growers, the MF 300 is a solidly built, reliable drill with a choice of 20, 22 or 26- row configuration. The fixed 17cm row spacing has been calculated as being the optimum for small seed crops.

Seed is metered from the large capacity, combined hopper by means of a helical roller and the 41cm double-disc openers – with depth-limiting rims – are followed by cast iron press wheels to ensure efficient closure of the seed zone. The MF 326 model is equipped with a hydraulic marker.

The versatile Fertisystem™ is fitted as standard.

Another standard feature is the end-on towing hitch for easy and safe transport. In-field, however, the large 14,9 x 28 tyres ensure minimum soil compaction and excellent traction.

A moveable partition allows easy adjustment of the seed/fertilizer ratios – particularly useful when planting soya bean crops.

Available Models


Maximum Seed capacity (kg)

Maximum Fertiliser capacity (kg)

Maximum Working width (m)

HP Required

MF 320 - 20 Rows 662 975 3.23 90
MF 322 - 22 Rows 728 1,072 3.57 100
MF 326 - 26 Rows 859 1,265 4.25 120
Only available in selected markets. Please check with your local Massey Ferguson Dealer or Distributor.

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