The company offers agricultural contractor services on an additional 1,000 hectares cultivated with the same crops. The first Massey Ferguson combine in the Gazdakör Kft. Company was a Beta, but Miklós soon realized the IDEAL was the perfect machine for him.



First impressions

“When I took part in a demonstration carried out by a Massey Ferguson combine harvester specialist in Hungary, I immediately noticed the simplicity of the IDEAL technical solutions and the machine’s huge capacity,” said Miklós. “I was also impressed by the cab, which I found extremely advanced.” 

Miklós purchased a Massey Ferguson IDEAL 8T and soon after purchased an IDEAL 9T. He is more than satisfied. “My mechanic says that the MF IDEAL is a very user-friendly and easy-to-maintain combine, and I absolutely agree with him.”

Daily maintenance is a quick operation. “Every Monday morning, we make a complete check of all the combines’ features, but during the rest of the week, half an hour is enough to prepare our IDEALs for the field,” said Miklós.


Low fuel consumption, high efficiency  

“After some years of activity, the benefits of the MF IDEAL combines I like the most are the very low fuel consumption, despite the high power, and their great efficiency. I previously had a smaller combine from a competitor and found that I was consuming much more fuel. With my MF IDEALs, I can harvest all crops with average of 13.6 liters/hectare,” continued Miklós.

If the weather conditions are right, the two MF IDEAL combines of the Gazdakör Kft. Company can harvest 50-55 hectares/day, thanks to the great efficiency of the well-designed threshing system.

The IDEAL cab is comfortable for long days in the field. “Perfect ergonomics is one of the key benefits when you need to sit in the cab for many hours a day. With the MF IDEAL, this is granted,” Miklós said. 



Clean grain with no losses  

“The grain is so clean that my customers are charged 2% less for cleaning operations thanks to the MF IDEAL. On top of that, grain losses are practically non-existent,” Miklós reported.

The straw is good quality as well, enough to generate an additional 10 to 15% revenue, as it is sold to other contractors who bale it.

The Gazdakör Kft. Company’s MF IDEAL 9T and 8T are respectively equipped with a 10.7m and a 9.2m PowerFlow header. “The PowerFlow header is outstanding; it always ensures an even and constant crop flow to the whole combine, which makes the threshing quality perfect.”

Miklós is one of the most requested contractors in the area due to his huge working capacity and the outstanding quality of the grain sample with the MF IDEALs. “You cannot regularly work on so many hectares if you do not work perfectly.”




Planning ahead with his dealer

Miklós enjoys a strong relationship with his local dealer and has purchased six tractors and two combines in two years. 

“I am planning to invest in one more IDEAL 9T to replace the 8T that has already worked on 4,000 hectares after only three years. The IDEAL 9T is the biggest machine I ever had and the king of all combines available in the market. Congratulations to AGCO and Massey Ferguson for this machine!” concluded Miklós.

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