MF 6700R Series

The new MF 6700R Tier 3 brings more features and technology for better performance, efficiency and comfort.

The MF 6700R series is perfect for operations that need a highly productive and economical machine. With power ranging from 115hp (85kW) to 135hp (99kW), its high operating efficiency is due to its autonomy, AGCO Power Engine, the Dyna-4 transmission, and advanced hydraulic system.

This new series of tractors offers a unique and straightforward concept aimed at increasing your productivity and performance in your daily operations. In addition to its spacious and ergonomically designed cabin, the MF 6700R series has the optional AutoGuide ready system, which is a fully integrated satellite-assisted-steering-ready solution. 

The MF 6700R provides you with an ideal solution in reliability, technology, and productivity without compromise.

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Key Benefits

Available Models


Max Power hp (kW)*



Max Torque (Nm)**

Lift Capacity (kg) 

MF 6711R 115 (85) 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power Tier 3 Dyna-4 460 5200
MF 6712R 125 (93) 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power Tier 3 Dyna-4 510 5200
MF 6713R 135 (99) 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power Tier 3 Dyna-4 540 5200
* @2000 rpm | ** @1500 rpm

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