Buy the tractor built for the farmer: Massey Ferguson’s Global Series is much more than striking, red stalwart

Tractors built specifically for their task are essential for a farmer who wants to excel. For the past 26 years, Louis van der Walt has been farming on the farm Spitskop between Louis Trichardt and Vivo in the far North. “I started with one tractor at the time and over the years the farm has expanded to where it is today,” says Louis.

Under Louis’s guidance, LC Spitskop Boerdery has grown into a mixed farming enterprise comprising potatoes, maize, tobacco, citrus, peanuts, game, and a proud herd of Bonsmara cattle. “We started with the Soutpansberg Bonsmara Stud twelve years ago. I obtained the best genetics available to establish the herd, and now we can breed all our own genetics and pit bulls up for auction every year. ” Louis has known about Massey Ferguson tractors’ first-class tractors for years, but in 2020 he decided to replace his entire fleet with the striking red Massey Ferguson Global range.

“Foremost to my decision to switch to Massey Ferguson are the good value for money, low cost of ownership, good quality, the after-sales service, and the low diesel consumption. We compared the diesel consumption of the Massey Ferguson tractors with the other tractors we use on the farm, and they are definitely using less fuel,” says Louis.

Massey Ferguson MF 6713R

“We have already replaced the first ten tractors with Massey Fergusons and we shall also replace the rest of the fleet over the next year,” says Louis. The first of the new fleet of tractors was delivered to Louis in March 2020. It was the MF 6713R with auto-steer precision technology that Louis uses to plant potatoes.

The MF 6713R uses the Trimbel RTX system to apply precision farming. It delivers 98 kW and serves the farmer with the following useful features:

  • A four-cylinder AGCO Power engine meeting international Tier 2 emission standards.
  • Dyna-4 semi-power transmission. This means you do not have to use the clutch for gear changes; only when changing the gear ratio.
  • Heavy-duty transaxle transmission with oil bath disc brakes and electro-hydraulic control on the differential lock.•Closed center load sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system with a maximum flow of 110 ℓ / minute at 200 bar.
  • Lift capacity of 5 200 kg with electronic lift control (ELC) and Category III fixed ball links.
  • Up to three double-acting hydraulic tapping points that maintain a constant pressure as predetermined by the operator, kick-out function to hold a hydraulic tool in place when it reaches the preset position, and which does not drip or leak at all.
  • Independent power take-off with a choice of three speeds: 540, 540E, and 1 000 rpm. The E after the second 540-speed indicates ‘Economy’ as it enables the operator to use the PTO at a lower engine speed than normally required. It saves fuel and reduces vibrations and noise. The farmer has a choice between a drive shaft with either 6 or 21 splines.•The four-wheel-drive front axle has a ‘Hydrolock’ differential and electro-hydraulic gear change.
  • The cabin is fitted with air-conditioning, a tilting and hydraulic steering column, and an analog and digital instrument panel with a performance monitor.
  • For unconditional grip, the MF6700R range is fitted with460/85R38 and 380/85R28Trelleborg radial-ply tyres.
  • The tractor includes 2 x 3 x 50 kgrear wheel weights and 14 x 55 kgfront weights.

For the daily tasks at Spitskop Boerdery, Louis decided to use the MF 5710 models. Three of these tractors are equipped with Massey Ferguson loaders and some of the other MF 5710s have been adapted to meet specific needs. These include tyres with a higher profile to ensure that the tractors fit easily between the potato rows and do not touch the high banks of the potato fields.

Massey Ferguson MF 5710

The MF 5710 open-cabin tractor boasts all the useful features of the Massey Ferguson Global range. AGCO designed this range of tractors based on information gathered from farmers by Massey Ferguson dealers from around the world.

“Because AGCO deals directly with the Massey Ferguson agencies, we get accurate feedback from the farmers’ practical experience with the product. Accordingly, AGCO makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that Massey Ferguson tractors fit every farmer’s needs exactly,” says Ryan Clark, Product Marketing Manager at AGCO Africa. Ryan specialises in the 100 kW and lower Massey Ferguson tractors.

“One of the goals of the Global Series is to limit the cost of ownership so that the farmer can get the best value for his money,” explains Ryan. Hannes van Deventer of Trophy Tractors and Implements in Letsitele is the Massey Ferguson agent who delivered the tractors to Louis.

“A farmer buys from someone he knows and whom he can trust to provide good service,” says Hannes. “We know that no farmer can afford to have tractors standing idly while the work waits. A tractor is an investment that must work. That is why we provide the best service as soon as possible.”

Louis is pleased with the service he receives from Hannes and Trophy Trekkers. “I do not have to wait for Hannes. If I have a problem, I can call Hannes and know that he is always available to help.” Hannes also talks about his experience with AGCO Africa.

“The support we, as an agency, receive from AGCO is excellent. There is no problem with stock, and when there is a problem that I cannot solve myself, AGCO is always there with the right advice. This type of support to our suppliers makes a huge difference in the service that the farmer receives, ” says Hannes.

“I would recommend any farmer to join Massey Ferguson for the best value for money, low cost of ownership, prompt after-sales service, and fuel economy,” Louis declares.

For more information on the excellent MF Global series, but also on Massey Ferguson’s full range of stalwarts for the farmer, visit, call Lenard Lingenfelder at 066-581-7489, or visit your nearest friendly, helpful dealer

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