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An S Series in Just My Size — Award-Winning Massey Ferguson 8S Series Tractor

Massey Ferguson 8S Series Tractor Features

The Massey Ferguson® 8S Series tractor is the embodiment of our commitment to you, the farmer. This award-winning machine was designed from the ground up based on input from farmers across the globe. At the end of the day, it wasn’t rpm or hydraulic capacities you were looking for. It was straightforward operation, dependable engineering and, above all, comfort. We challenged our engineers to reimagine the tractor around these three pillars. What they came up with wasn’t just new for Massey Ferguson, it was an industry-first design that blew everyone away.

Selecting the right tractor for your operation is an important decision. We’ve worked our way through the S Series lineup, outlining the key features of the Massey Ferguson 5S, 6S and 7S Series. Now it’s time to give you the rundown on the MF 8S Series. In the 200-300 HP range, there’s simply nothing that compares.

The MF 8S Series provides comfort, power and low operating costs for family farms, row-crop operations, hay producers and others looking for a versatile equipment solution.

Quietest, Most Comfortable Cab on the Market

Massey Ferguson celebrated our 175th anniversary in 2022. In that time, we’ve seen significant advancements in ag technology. From Harry Ferguson’s three-point hitch to four-wheel drive, we’ve found ourselves leading the pack when it comes to innovative farming solutions.

For multi-generation farms and those concerned with minimizing long-term health risks, the MF 8S Series offers an innovative approach to overall comfort.

The series introduces our unique Protect-U design. This 9.4-inch gap between engine and cab reduces noise to just 68 dB, quiet enough to have a normal conversation and well below the 85 dB threshold for long-term hearing loss. The Protect-U design also limits vibration and heat transfer from the engine for a more comfortable operator experience.

A roomy, quiet cab, paired with plenty of power to handle large implements, like high-speed tillage tools, reduces fatigue. The MF 8S Series offers plenty of legroom, 360-degree visibility and room for all your smart-farming technology.

More Power and Productivity

The MF 8S Series features a 6-cylinder, 7.4-liter AGCO Power engine. With a reputation for dependability and fuel efficiency, these Tier 4 Final engines provide ample power for a wide variety of applications. Cutting-edge technology allows for max power and torque at a lower rpm for reduced fuel consumption. The series also features our field-proven Dyna-VT, continuously variable transmission, for maximum efficiency and operator comfort.

Row-crop operations and others looking to run the widest tools will find the MF 8S Series boasts a higher-capacity hydraulic pump compared to the MF 7S Series. There are eight available spool valves, three front and five rear, with a hydraulic capacity of 54 GPM at 1650 engine rpm. The rear hitch can tackle all tasks, including mounted and front fold planters, with a 22,000-pound lift capacity.

Fast ROI and Long-Term Peace of Mind

When it comes to selecting the right tractor for your operation, it’s important to think long term. The MF 8S Series offers versatility, fuel efficiency and the dependability Massey Ferguson is known for. In terms of total cost of ownership and return on investment, the MF 8S Series is a smart investment for family farms with a broad ag portfolio.

For more information on how the MF 8S Series can benefit your operation, talk to your local Massey Ferguson dealer.

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