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An S Series in Just My Size — Massey Ferguson 7S Series Tractor

Massey Ferguson 7S Series Tractor Features

The choice between 4- or 6-cylinder tractors is often complicated. In many cases, these machines share a similar footprint and can perform most of the same tasks. Which one is right for your farm comes down to your unique situation — and your budget. A little more weight for some applications, such as pulling a 12-row planter, could make a big difference. But if the productivity boost comes at a premium, most farmers will choose to do the best they can with a smaller machine.

So, who makes the best 6-cylinder tractor for the money? For 175 years, Massey Ferguson has provided straightforward and dependable farming solutions. We offer a high level of customization on all our tractors to ensure farmers get the features they need at the best price point. With the award-winning Massey Ferguson S Series, our newest generation of high-horsepower tractors, farmers are finding cutting-edge technology, industry-leading comfort and a wide range of options that add up to a custom equipment solution that won’t break the bank.

For those squarely in 4-cylinder territory, we previously discussed how the Massey Ferguson 6S Series offers agility and performance for a variety of applications. But if you need a little more umph to tackle larger implements and more demanding applications, the Massey Ferguson 7S Series has the power, maneuverability and comfort you need. Investing in a 6-cylinder now will leave plenty of room for your farm to grow over the next decade.

Powerful Performance in the Field and in the Yard

Our farmers demand equipment versatility. While some operations can justify multiple pieces of equipment, another might need the power and maneuverability for a wide range of applications from a single machine.

The 6.6-liter MF 7S Series pairs AGCO’s proven engine technology with some of the most efficient drivelines on the market for up to 210 HP. Producers can choose either the Dyna-6 transmission for straightforward power or the Dyna-VT transmission, which allows exact speed selection without compromising engine rpm. Models with this transmission can also be equipped with a 50 gallon per minute load-sensing hydraulic system for use with planters and seeding implements. The MF 7S Series can also be outfitted with up to eight spool valves, five rear and three front. This increases all-around versatility, allowing farmers to be more productive in applications from planting to mowing, baling to feeding.

But it’s not just about power. The MF 7S Series also offers tremendous maneuverability. With a 16-foot, 2-inch turning radius and a turning circle under 33 feet, livestock and row crop farmers will appreciate the tractor’s agility in a variety of situations. A 113.4-inch wheelbase and best-in-class axle suspension provide optimal traction along slopes, in the muck and wherever else you need to operate.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Features Increase Productivity

It’s not just the tractor that needs to be versatile, though. In order to provide the best return on investment, our farmers are turning more to technology to help increase productivity while minimizing inputs.

The MF 7S Series offers advanced technology with straightforward, user-friendly design elements that can be tailored to your specific needs. Farmers and producers looking to incorporate smart farming technology and the latest digital tools can select the Deluxe trim option. This comes with the new Datatronic 5 terminal, which offers a single integrated system to easily and effectively manage all technology, camera and ISOBUS functions. Operators can quickly set up or change hydraulics, transmission and engine specifications for more efficient operations. Important systems and functions are tracked on a single monitor, keeping everything in one place and close at hand. The system allows for up to five customized dashboards, meaning different operators won’t need to waste time settling in behind the wheel before getting to work.

The Datatronic 5 terminal also runs with Massey Ferguson’s high-tech smart farming solutions. Farmers looking to maximize their productivity can use MF Guide to reduce overlaps and save up to 12% fuel in field operations. MF Section Control and MF Rate Control help minimize wasted product, while MF Connect keeps everyone in the loop with remote, near-real-time monitoring and decision-making capabilities.

We understand this level of connectivity isn’t for everyone, though, which is why we offer the MF 7S Series in a more pared-down styling. The Classic trim provides effective and efficient operation with a user-friendly, color-coded interface.

Enhanced Comfort for Long Operating Hours

Whether you’re looking for a high-tech farming solution or a straightforward, productive tractor, there’s no denying comfort is a major consideration when purchasing a new machine. Tractor design has come a long way from the uncomfortable metal seats you still see hanging on barn walls from time to time. The MF 7S Series offers a number of comfort-enhancing features to make those long days behind the wheel more enjoyable.

We offer both passive and active mechanical cab suspension on all MF 7S Series models. A new HVAC system keeps you 7 degrees cooler during the summer and helps defrost windows faster in the winter. Tractors with the Deluxe trim also feature a new ergonomic armrest with a customizable MultiPad lever for intuitive, effortless control of all major tractor functions.

Performance and Comfort To Meet Any Challenge

Maximizing your versatility with a powerful, yet agile, 6-cylinder tractor can provide the support your operation needs to grow. When considering new equipment purchases, it’s always important to look beyond the price tag and assess the long-term value of any machine or tool. Additionally, manufacturers that allow a certain level of customization can provide an ideal solution for your unique situation. Talk to your Massey Ferguson dealer today and see if there’s an MF 7S Series configuration that’s right for your operation and budget.

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