Designed for Comfort – Meet the New Massey Ferguson 8S Series

Designed for Comfort – Meet the New Massey Ferguson 8S Series

How many hours did you spend in the field last year? More than a few, right? Bumping though fields during spring, summer, fall and even winter in some regions? There’s a magic in watching the land come to life and the crops ripen, to be sure, but all that time in the cab takes a physical toll.

When we set out to build the next generation of straightforward, dependable tractors, we began with a blank page, relying on direct input from farmers — like you — to guide our engineers. Your feedback underlined the need for comfort, ease of use, value and reliability. It was an exciting and inspirational project for all those involved, and we couldn’t be prouder of the result. Together we created the award-winning Massy Ferguson 8S Series, a machine that provides increased productivity without sacrificing capability. But most importantly, as we look ahead to 2022 planting, the MF 8S Series offers maximum comfort for long days in the field.

We Protect-U

Increased operator comfort is at the heart of the MF 8S Series. Our exclusive Protect-U design features a distinctive 9.4-inch gap between the engine and cab. This space reduces noise and vibration. At just 68 dBA, the MF 8S Series boasts one of the quietest cabs on the market. The gap also contributes to heat insulation for the cab which, when paired with our all-new climate control system featuring 14 automotive style outlets and an improved HVAC system, keeps the operator comfortable no matter if it’s blazing summer or freezing winter.

For an even more comfortable ride, our optional OptiRide Cab Suspension further reduces vibration to cut down on operator fatigue.

The Best Seat in the House

Separating the engine from the cab is more than a comfort feature, though. It also has a positive impact on overall performance and visibility. The space increases airflow, resulting in improved engine cooling capacity and efficiency for maximum uptime. Additionally, we paired a narrow, streamlined hood design with an inclined windshield that bends toward the tractor front with lots of window space. The high vantage point and nearly panoramic views from the spacious cab offer ultimate visibility and comfort.

Room To Work

Additionally, we designed the MF 8S Series with a roomier cab, providing more space to work comfortably. We kept the interior simple, making sure important controls were within easy reach and color coded for quick identification and a user-friendly experience every time.

To maximize efficiency, though, we included cutting-edge technology like our new MF vDisplay. This puts all the key information you need in an easy-to-read digital dashboard that can be personalized. The MF 8S Series also comes standard with our Datatronic 5 terminal, allowing operators to quickly and easily change setups on the hydraulics, transmission and engine.

Designed for Comfort – and So Much More

When we set out to build a truly farmer-focused machine, we knew input from farmers would be paramount. You spoke, we listened. The MF 8S Series combines ultimate comfort with performance, versatility and traction to increase profitability and efficiency.

For more information, or to see the MF 8S Series firsthand, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer.

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