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An S Series in Just My Size – Massey Ferguson 6S Series Tractor

Massey Ferguson 6S Series Tractor Features

No one wants to overinvest in their equipment. In agriculture, where margins ­– like everything else – are dependent on the weather and countless other outside influences, making smart equipment investments is important for productivity and overall profitability. That’s why Massey Ferguson offers a high level of customization with all our tractors. Farmers can select the features and functions that fit their budget and operation. No need to spend money for bells and whistles they’ll never use.

The award-winning MF S Series, our newest generation of high horsepower tractors, provides farmers with cutting-edge technology, industry-leading comfort and the straightforward, dependable operation they expect from a Massey Ferguson. Each model in the lineup also offers a wide range of options for a custom equipment solution.

Previously we discussed how the Massey Ferguson 5S Series makes an ideal mid-range tractor for hay, diary and livestock operations. This compact 4-cylinder excels at loader applications in tight spaces with 14% more lifting power than previous models. In certain operations, though, a little more power, weight and hydraulic capacity can drastically increase equipment utilization. For contractors, crop farmers and large livestock operations looking for the power and productivity of a six-cylinder machine with the agility of a 4-cylinder, the Massey Ferguson 6S Series makes a top-notch workhorse tractor. Here's why.

Most Powerful 4-Cylinder Tractor

The decision between a 4- and 6-cylinder tractor can be a difficult one, and expensive. Hay and livestock producers want to maximize their productivity. But investing in a larger tractor for just a few tasks while relying on a 4-cylinder for others increases maintenance and input costs with little output benefit. Instead, these operations can maximize equipment utilization and productivity with a tractor that combines the best of both worlds – a power boost for those demanding applications with a compact footprint that goes where you need it.

The MF 6S Series is available up to 180 hp, making it the most powerful 4-cylinder on the market. The 4.9-liter AGCO Power™ engine pairs with one of two proven drivelines to provide economic operation in even the most challenging conditions. Farmers looking to maximize fuel efficiency at lower engine RPM can select the Dyna-6™ with standard SuperEco feature. This transmission delivers 24 forward and reverse options at up to 17% lower engine speeds – 25 mph at just 1500 rpm. The Dyna-VT™, on the other hand, allows operators to select the exact speed without compromising engine RPM, providing more power where it’s needed most. This transmission can be equipped with a 50 gal/min load sensing hydraulic system for use with more demanding implements.

Ideal Tractor for Hay Applications

With more power in a compact footprint, the MF 6S Series makes a great hay tractor for silage and 5-foot round baling operations. The tractor pairs an 8-foot, 9-inch wheelbase with a turning radius under 32 feet for unmatched traction and stability without sacrificing maneuverability. A perfect power-to-weight ratio allow the MF 6S Series to handle heavy balers without feeling like the baler is handling you. The MF 6S Series boasts a maximum lift capacity of 21,164 pounds, outstanding towing capacity and an increased gross vehicle weight of up to 27,558 to excel in heavy draft operations. Even in hilly terrain, hay producers can rely on class-leading power and torque to produce dense, high-quality bales.

This extra power, doesn’t come with extra weight, though, making the MF 6S Series the best tractor for hay, dairy and livestock operations. The MF 6S Series is 900 pounds lighter than comparable 6-cylinder tractors for minimal soil impact. It provides maximum productivity without affecting next-cutting yield.

Additionally, the MF 6S Series, can be outfitted to be an ideal tractor for loader applications. With a maximum lifting capacity of up to 5,070 pounds and a height of over 13 feet, the MF 6S Series is perfect for heavy-duty loader work with round bales, silage and more. The series is available with fully integrated loader provision from the factory for maximum maneuverability and easy maintenance. An optional E/H Multifunction joystick and factory installed live third with proportional command provides added versatility and precision in loader operations. Farmers can opt for the Visio Roof for a clear view of the attachment throughout the entire range of motion.

Most Comfortable Mid-Range Tractor

In addition to providing the power hay, dairy and livestock operations need, the MF 6S Series offers optimal comfort for long days behind the wheel. This series offers both passive and active mechanical suspension. Quad link front axle suspension delivers comfortable ride quality on the road and in the hay field. The deluxe trim option comes with a new ergonomic armrest with customizable MultiPad lever for intuitive, effortless control of all major tractor functions.

The MF 6S Series also comes with Massey Ferguson’s most cutting-edge technology features, including the Datatronic 5 terminal with deluxe trim. This system provides a single, integrated terminal for all tractor, technology, camera and ISOBUS systems. Farmers can customize up to five screens for more efficient operation. The system also works with our smart farming technology, including MF Guide and MF Connect, for more productivity directly from the cab.

Is the MF 6S Series Right for My Hay Operation?

Depending on the size and needs of your operation, the choice between a 4- or 6-cylinder tractor could be difficult. Massey Ferguson tractors are designed with the farmer in mind, and our MF 6S Series is no different. We offer the power you need for managing a large hay operation with the agility necessary during yard and feedlot work, all with the straightforward, dependable operation you’d expect. An array of options and features means you can customize the MF 6S Series to exactly what you need. Talk to your Massey Ferguson dealerto start your build today.

Looking for even more power? We’ll discuss the Massey Ferguson 7S Series next.

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