Rotary Rakes

Designed to fit both custom and commercial operations, RK Series single, dual and quad rotary rakes gently sweep your crop into even, fluffy windrows for faster drying and better baling.

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Key Benefits

Technology & Innovation

Jet Effect

Jet Effect

Due to the fully cardanic rotor suspension and weight distribution of the rotor, the rotor lifts first at the front and then at the back. When lowered, the rear wheels of the rotor first make contact with the ground followed by the front wheels.

Headland Control System

Headland Control System

Equipped on MF RK 1254 TRC model. This system controls the delayed raising and lowering of the rear pair of rotors and enables you to deposit perfectly-formed swaths at the headland.

Available Models


Width ft. (m)

Width ft. (m)

HP (kW)

Rotor Delivery

Weight lb. (kg)

MF RK 361 DN 3.60 27
MF RK 451 TR 4.5
MF RK 662 SD-TRC 5.80 - 6.60 26
MF RK 772 SD-TRC 6.60 - 7.70 41
MF RK 802 TRC PRO 7.20 - 8.00 48
MF RK 842 SD-TRC PRO 7.80 - 8.40 60
MF RK 1002 TRC 8.80 - 10.00 70


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