MF Rate Control

Combined with MF section control, MF Rate Control further reduces wasted inputs by using the machine’s position to apply the prescribed amount of seed or chemical in specific areas of the field. These two technologies help growers ensure that each square meter (yard) of the field gets the optimal amount of seed and chemical to maximize yield, minimize waste, and protect the environment.

Variable application with Variable Rate Control (VRC) Data transfer with TaskDoc Pro now permits variable rate application, based on the needs of the soil or plants, and therefore saves operating inputs. The individual requirements for seeds, fertilizer and pesticides are shown on application maps. They are then called up during operation and automatically executed. Your operation benefits because operating inputs can be defined and planned with the aid of the field database and then applied with utmost precision. For example, you can tailor chemical or fertilizer application in areas as required, lowering input cost and further enhancing yields.

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