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Sub-Compact and Compact Loaders

Give your Massey Ferguson® sub-compact or compact tractor an extra dose of muscle with a high-quality, hard-working front loader.

Key Benefits



From the strength and security of the subframe to the slim yet robust design of the welded box section beams, MF FL Series loaders deliver industry-leading features that ensure maximum output and dependability from your Massey Ferguson tractor.



Curved arm with a low placed knee in combination with the low placed cross-tube gives, are offering a 30% field of vision increase when the loader is positioned 450 mm above the ground, in his transport position (EU Directive 2008/2/EC). All the hydraulic pipes are perfectly integrated and routed while the cross tube is placed in a very low position to the benefit of visibility.

Control and Ergonomics

Control and Ergonomics

MF tractors come with a wide choice of controls, including three different multifunction joysticks that allow operators to control the loader, hydraulics and transmission at the same time, without taking your hand off the steering wheel for optimum accuracy and safety at work.

Mounting and Removing

Mounting and Removing

Through the application of advanced-leading technology, MF FL Series loaders provide simple practical solutions to the day-to-day challenges of modern farming, ensuring quick and easy operation from the start. And it starts with an easy mounting of the loader on your tractor and easy fitting of the right attachment on your loader for the job in hand.

Available Models


Lift Height
@ Pivot Pin in. (mm)

Lift Capacity to
Max. Height lb. (kg)
@ Pivot Pin

Breakout Force
at 500mm
Pivot Pin lb. (kg)

Compatible Tractor Models

MF FL.1805 74 (1,880) 922 (418) 980 (450) MF GC1700 Series
MF FL.2106X 83 (2,110) 1,270 (576) 1,330 (600) MF 1526
MF FL.2407X 94 (2,390) 1,450 (659) 1,560 (710) MF 1800 E Series
MF FL.2611 100 (2,550) 1,870 (848) 2,170 (980) MF 1800 M Series
MF FL.2814 111 (2,830) 2,570 (1,166) 2,960 (1,340) MF 2800 M Series
MF FL.2815X 111 (2,830) 2,810 (1,280) 3,150 (1,430) MF 2800 E Series, MF 2600 H Series 2WD


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