MF ISOBUS is the gateway to control any ISOBUS implement from the tractor cab. Integral ISOBUS compatibility cuts clutter in the cab, allowing the terminal to provide simple plug & play control of a wide range of implements. This also saves money on the cost of an additional terminal, with Datatronic 5 also delivering a better, easier to use operating interface. Switches on the MultiPad joystick can also be used to control ISOBUS implements, enabling operators to customize the set-up to their particular needs for easier operation.


ISOBUS for total implement control – allows an implement manufacturer’s control system to be displayed on the terminal screen, saving owners and operators time and money, with no need to install additional monitors in the cab. Simply plug the implement lead into the tractor’s ISOBUS socket and the system automatically uploads the operating menus and displays on the screen. MF ISOBUS conforms to the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronic Foundation) certification.


ISOBUS MultiPad switch assignment – ISOBUS implements can be controlled directly using the MultiPad lever. Having all controls for both tractor and implement on the same lever is a lot more convenient than using additional displays and levers. This versatile system allows several implements to be stored to operate via MultiPad, so it can work with all ISOBUS implements currently in the farm fleet.

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