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Our Farmer Series disc mowers offer you an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain mower that gets the job done right, at a price point that won’t break the bank. It’s a perfect match for your small scale hay operation or hobby farm.

If you have a medium- to large-scale operation that needs to cover large amounts of acreage per year, look no further than Massey Ferguson® Professional Series disc mowers. You’ll get the ease of use, maneuverability and transportability you need from a 3-point mounted mower.

DM Series triple mowers give your mowing operation next-level performance and flexibility. You get the ability to mow up to 30 feet 6 inches in a single pass. At the end of the day, the mower folds up into a manageable transport package without preventing your tractor from tackling other jobs.

The Massey Ferguson DM 367 FQ-RC is the recipient of an AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for 2022. It is one of only 50 products selected for its remarkable innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on its market.

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Key Benefits

Technology & Innovation

Cutter Bar - F

Cutter Bar - F

The precision engineered gear bed cutter bar, with elliptical discs, rotating swathformers and robust conveyor drums make sure it is possible to achieve a clean cutting pattern and good throughput even on difficult terrain.

Shear Pin Protection - F

Shear Pin Protection - F

Each individual cutting head is fitted with shear pin protection, preventing damage in case obstacles are hit. These pins can easily be replaced in the field.

Cutter Bar - P

Cutter Bar - P

The engineers at MF have succeeded in developing a perfectly streamlined cutter bar with the optimum profiles on the underside. As a result, even in adverse conditions, the formation of mounds of soil in field forage crops or on wet land is prevented.

Available MF Mower Models



Working Width
ft. (m)


Minimum PTO
HP Requirement
w/ Conditioner lb.

Base Mower
Weight* lb. (kg)


MF DM 164 (F) Spur gear drive, Rear mounted with Inner drive shoe 1.66
MF DM 205 (F) Spur gear drive, Rear mounted with Inner drive shoe 2.06
MF DM 246 (F) Spur gear drive, Rear mounted with Inner drive shoe 2.42
MF DM 287 (F) Spur gear drive, Rear mounted with Inner drive shoe 2.82
MF DM 255-P Rear mounted, Side attachment, Compact angle drive 2.55 54
MF DM 306-P Rear mounted, Side attachment, Compact angle drive 3 75
MF DM 357 P Rear mounted, Side attachment, Compact angle drive 3.5 68
MF DM 8312 TL (P) Mower Combination 8.3
MF DM 9314 TL (P) Mower Combination 9.3
(F) - Farmer Series | (P) - Professional Series | (B) - Triple Mower | * w/o Conditioner


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