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An S Series in Just My Size — Massey Ferguson 5S Series Tractor

Massey Ferguson 5S Series Tractor Features

When it comes to purchasing a new tractor, maximizing your equipment investment means answering tough questions. What do you need in a tractor today? What might you need tomorrow? Do you want all the bells and whistles, or just the technology and features you know you will use?

Massey Ferguson has built a reputation for providing straightforward, dependable tractors with the power and productivity our farmers need without being over designed. Each new generation of Massey Ferguson tractors features innovative engineering and cutting-edge technology for success in a wide range of applications and conditions. Our newest lineup, the Massey Ferguson S Series, embodies this commitment to farmer-focused equipment solutions. And like all our previous models, there is an element of customization, offering the best solution for your unique operation.

Matching the right S Series model to your needs is an important first step to maximizing your investment. We’ll walk through some of the key features and specs that make our Massey Ferguson 5S Series tractor an ideal all-rounder for hay, dairy and livestock operations.

Ideal Tractor for Loader Applications

Hay and livestock operations require a lot of lifting power in a compact footprint. Whether it’s handling small hay bales or pallets of feed and other supplies, farmers need a machine capable of heavy lifting in tight spaces. For these operations, the MF 5S Series offers best-in-class visibility, industry-leading agility and 14% more lifting power than previous models.

To provide the best view during loading and other applications, the MF 5S Series features a narrow, steep-nosed hood and large windows. A low-profile, all-in-one aftertreatment system minimizes visual obstructions in front of the tractor. Additionally, the Visio Roof option provides a clear view of the attachment throughout the lifting range for outstanding visibility.

Nearly 360-degree visibility is paired with a 13-foot turning radius for excellent maneuverability in tight quarters.

Additionally, a redesign of the front linkage increased lifting capacity to 6,600 pounds, allowing operators to increase loading efficiency. Rear linkage offers a lifting capacity up to 10,300 pounds.

Best All-Around Mid-Range Tractor

When paired with a wide choice of hydraulic systems, the linkage redesign not only increases efficiency during loading, but it also provides more versatility. The MF 5S Series is available with one of three hydraulic systems — two open center options with 15 or 26 gpm, or a closed center pump providing up to 29 gpm. The high flow options provide faster loader reaction times and allow operators to thoroughly supply consuming hydraulic motors for more demanding applications. Hay, dairy and livestock operations can maximize their capabilities with a single tractor and tackle tasks such as bale wrapping and planting with ease — and in comfort.

Like other models in the series lineup, the MF 5S Series features an ergonomic, user-friendly layout. Depending on customizations, farmers can opt for the MultiPad joystick, which puts important functions right at their fingertips.

Cost-Efficient Smart Farming Option

The versatility and straightforward design of the MF 5S Series makes it an ideal solution for hay, dairy and livestock producers looking for an all-around tractor they can depend on. Like all Massey Ferguson models, the MF 5S Series is designed to provide maximum productivity with minimum operating costs.

The series features an AGCO Power, four-cylinder, 4.4-liter engine paired with one of two proven drivelines — the Dyna-4 or Dyna-6. A Super Eco function, available with both transmission options, allows operators to achieve 25 mph at just 1530 rpm for significantly reduced fuel consumption and increased comfort.

Additionally, the MF 5S Series is compatible with Massey Ferguson’s most advanced smart farming technology for those looking to improve margins through technology. This includes MF Guide, which reduces overlaps and can save up to 12% fuel in field operations, and MF Connect, which allows for remote monitoring and decision making for maximum profitability. The optional Datatronic 5 terminal monitors all tractor functions and controls any ISOBUS-compliant implement. Operators can quickly and easily change setups on hydraulics, transmission and engine as well as track important systems and functions in one convenient place for a more user-friendly experience.

Is the MF 5S Series Right for My Operation?

For hay, dairy and livestock producers, the MF 5S Series offers the productivity, efficiency and dependability Massey Ferguson is known for. Is it the right tractor for your operation? That depends. Contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer to discuss your specific needs — now and in the near future.

Perhaps you need a little more power, in which case the MF 6S Series might be a better fit. We’ll talk about that next time.

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