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If you need a robust, reliable loader to complement your Massey Ferguson® high horsepower tractor, you don’t need to look any further. Massey Ferguson tractors with FL Series loaders are the ultimate combination of rugged ability, hard work and reliability.

Key Benefits

Available Models


Lift Height
@ Pivot Pin (in.)

Lift Capacity to
Full Height (lb.)
@ 31.5" forward of Pivot Pin


MF FL.4124 Mechanical Self Leveling 160 (4060) 4370 (1980) MF 6S Series
MF FL.4125 Non Self Leveling 160 (4060) 2,870 (1300) MF 5S Series, MF 6S Series
MF FL.4227 Non Self Leveling 167 (4250) 3510 (1590) MF 7S Series
MF FL.4327 Mechanical Self Leveling 167 (4250) 5450 (2470) MF 7S Series
MF FL.4628 Mechanical Self Leveling 181 (4600) 5490 (2490) MF 8S Series
MF FL.5033 Mechanical Self Leveling 195 (4960) 5710 (2590) MF 8700 S Series


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