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Best Small Tractor for the Money

Maximize Versatility With the Right Compact Equipment for Your Operation

Selecting a compact tractor for your operation is an important investment. Go too small, and you’ll outgrow your machine in a few years. But overbuying leaves you with features and capabilities you might never need. Finding the sweet spot is key to versatility and ROI. You need a machine that provides straightforward, dependable performance to tackle any project on your farm or homestead — as well as those you might want to do five years down the road.

Massey Ferguson compact tractors are designed to provide high performance in a variety of applications while still being user- and maintenance-friendly. The right model for you will depend on your unique needs and is best discussed in detail with your local dealer. To get you started, though, we’ve outlined the primary specs and capabilities of a few models in our compact lineup.

Best Tractor for 1-3 Acres — MF GC1700 Series

MF GC 1700 Series Specifications

The Massey Ferguson Garden Compact Series is our most versatile machine for rural lifestyle and small property owners. With the right attachments, the MF GC1700 Series can tackle just about any application on your homestead, hobby farm or larger property — from ground maintenance to small-scale field work. The TLB models offer a full-size, 6.5-foot BH2720 backhoe with maximum digging depth of 76 inches. This fully integrated feature makes laying drain tile, water lines or other utilities easy. The MF GC1700 series is nimble, compact and light, making it ideal for tight quarters around the home or farm. Excellent maneuverability paired with a 54- or 60-inch mid-mount belly mower makes lawn care efficient and enjoyable. A wide range of attachments are available through AGCO, including front-mount snow blowers or dozer blades. Tillers, pull-behind sprayers, rotary mowers, woodchippers, log splitters, wagons and more are also available through Woods Equipment. Investing in a single, four-season machine that can tackle a variety of chores minimizes maintenance and storage needs, as well, by limiting the number of tools you need to get the job done.

Best Tractor for 5-15 Acres — MF 1800 M Series

MF 1800 M Series Specifications

With the MF 1800 M Series, you can take on larger jobs and harsher conditions. This series provides a power boost over the MF GC1700 Series with 35 and 40 HP models. The MF 1800 M Series features a 1.83-liter, three-cylinder diesel engine. Turbocharged for extra power and with a torque reserve that lets you lug down without stalling, these engines provide high efficiency and great fuel economy. For those looking to maintain a larger property or snow blow a long drive, the MF 1800 M Series offers the comfort of a much larger tractor in a small package. The optional cab helps keep you comfortable and dry despite exterior conditions. Lift capacity is greatly increased over the GC1700 Series. Move small hay bales or full pallets of feed easily and in comfort. A choice of transmission allows you to customize the MF 1800 M Series to fit your operation. The more traditional 12x12 power shuttle is popular with tractor enthusiasts, while the 3-range hydrostatic option is similar to driving a car for more intuitive operation. Maximize your versatility with a mid-mount mower, front loader, backhoe or a wide range of Woods Equipment attachments.

Best Tractor for 15 + Acres — MF 2800 M Series

MF 2800 M Series Specifications

For even more power in a compact, highly maneuverable footprint, the MF 2800 M Series offers versatility, comfort and straightforward dependability. This model features a wider, longer frame than the MF 1800 M Series for superior stability, even with a heavy load. The MF 2800 M Series is ideal for livestock producers looking to move round bales around the barnyard or farmers with 15 acres to plant and maintain. Ample power and up to three rear remote valves provide maximum application versatility. The MF 2800 M Series can tackle loader work, digging, brush hauling, wagon pulling, rotary mowing and light hay work. Choice of 12x12 power shuttle or 3-range hydrostatic transmission and optional cab allows you to select your level of comfort.

The Best Tractor for You

Whether you are looking for a machine to mow and maintain your homestead or something to add versatility to your construction, growing or commercial operation, Massey Ferguson’s line of compact equipment offers options to fit your unique needs. Additionally, you can count on our brand to be there with service and support when you need it. With 175 years of farmer-focused innovation, you can be confident your Massey Ferguson machine will provide excellent total cost of ownership. We have a well-established and knowledgeable dealer network, so you can find the support you need right in your community.

Contact your local dealer today to learn more about these compact models or our full line of equipment.

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