Historic Massey Ferguson Partnerships

­­Farmer- Focused Collaborations that Propelled the Industry Forward

Massey Ferguson Partners

Joining forces in 1891, Massey Manufacturing Co. and A. Harris and Son proved the value of strategic partnerships at the farm level. Massey-Harris Limited brought together the best products from both companies, creating a more robust offering and capitalizing on the highest quality equipment solutions from each brand. The partnership also reduced overall operating costs, which was paid forward to farmers with some of the most economically accessible equipment on the market.

Today, Massey Ferguson continues this model of strategic acquisitions and investments. Our 175-year history is marked with important partnerships that bring together specialized knowledge and help us remain at the forefront of a dynamic industry with straightforward, dependable equipment solutions. Our most important relationship remains with you, the farmer.

As we reflect on our 175th anniversary, it’s important to acknowledge the partnerships we’ve formed over the years and how they’ve impacted both our brand and our customers.

Past Partnerships

Our founders, entrepreneurs and engineers always recognized the value of knowledge. With a deep, first-hand understanding of agriculture and what farmers really need, they were able to propel the industry forward with groundbreaking innovations. Additionally, the core company aligned itself with specialized partners that provided unique expertise. Some of these included:

Hugh Victor McKay and "Sunshine" Stripper Harvester — This implement reaped grain directly from the field into a sack. It drastically improved productivity and paved the way for the first commercially viable self-propelled combines. Massey-Harris partnered with H.V. McKay Proprietary Limited in 1920 to produce stripper harvesters under the Massey-Harris brand.

The Wallis Tractor Company and J. I. Case Plow Company — Wallis Cub tractor introduced the innovative "patented boiler plate, u-shaped combination frame and crankcase" or U-Frame. This is described as one of the most important innovations in tractor tech as it represented a huge step forward in manufacturing a self-supporting frame comprised of cast-iron housings. The U-frame made for easy manufacturing and protected transmission components from mud and debris. Massey-Harris marketed Wallis tractors in 1926, taking over J.I. Case Plow Company in 1928.

Perkins Engines Ltd. — In the early 1930s, Francis "Frank" Arthur Perkins create what was considered the most suitable engine for self-propelled machines. The company manufactured 12,000 six-cylinder, 75 HP P6 engines during WWII which were primarily used by the U.S. Navy. In the mid-1950s, the company produced 25,000 engines a year and already had a long and successful history with Massey equipment. The recently established Massey Ferguson bought Perkins Engines Ltd. in 1959, clearing a path for the global manufacture of diesel engines.

Landini — Massey Ferguson bought Landini in 1960. This Italian tractor company controlled about a quarter of the Italian market post WWII and was the most important manufacturer of semi-diesel engines. More importantly, Landini produced the first track-type tractor, based on the agricultural tractor as well as front axles for 4WD tractors. The partnership became Landini S.p.A.

Massey Ferguson Joins AGCO

In 1994, Massey Ferguson joined the AGCO brand, continuing our tradition of farmer-focused engineering. As with the Massey-Harris merger, this partnership allowed us to combine resources across the family of AGCO brands to provide the most dependable, hardest-working equipment for Massey Ferguson customers across the globe. This included:

  • AGCO Power engines, which are some of the most dependable and cost-effective models on the market. Our newest product offerings, including the award-winning Massey Ferguson 8S Series, feature the sixth-generation engine model with a proven legacy of fuel efficiency.
  • Field proven efficient drivelines, like Dyna-VT and Dyna-6, paired with AGCO Power engines are consistent, reliable, save fuel and increase efficiency for a lower operating cost.
  • The most SCR experience in the industry paired with a simple, all-in-one aftertreatment system in our latest equipment offerings is low maintenance and sustainable. The system offers 40% less emissions from previous stages and fuel savings at lower engine revs all while delivering a straightforward compliance that minimizes downtime.

In addition to collaboration between AGCO’s lineup of award-winning product brands, the partnership also provides increased service offerings for our customers.

AGCO GenuineCare plans provide flexible service options that can be customized for usage and equipment age. These programs make it easy to calculate cost per hour, allowing for smarter annual planning. Coverage includes essential maintenance parts, as well as value-added services, like inspections, all under prepaid plans to help protect against rising maintenance costs.

Farmers can focus on the field, not equipment maintenance, with predetermined service intervals. These appointments include a comprehensive maintenance checklist based on equipment requirements. Additionally, each service interval includes a comprehensive PM360 inspection which can reduce expensive repairs by proactively identifying worn components.

Our farmers also have access to AGCO Protection — extended service contracts supported by the financial strength of a global brand. This flexible coverage option safeguards against the cost of sudden breakdowns that disrupt business with expensive repairs and costly downtime, allowing farmers to control operating costs and protect their assets with confidence.

Our Most Important Partner — You

Through the years, we’ve made many valuable partnerships that allowed us to keep pushing the ag industry forward. However, at the end of the day, it’s our partnership with you, the farmer, that has provided the most insight and resulted in the most cutting-edge innovations. From four-wheel drive to electric start and now the industry-exclusive Protect-U design employed by the MF 8S Series, which puts a 9.4-inch gap between the engine and the cab to reduce noise and increase operator comfort — these innovations are all thanks to feedback from farmers in the field.

We’re excited for what the next 175 years will bring as Massey Ferguson — and agriculture — continue to evolve. And we hope you’ll join us for the ride. Contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer today!

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