Compact Tractors to redefine compact tractor capabilities 

Born from everything we’ve learnt over 175 years, but in a compact tractor, with big history and big experience. Born for your smaller farm or lifestyle block, with the big DNA of Massey Ferguson straightforward dependability to get the job done. With the New MF 1800 and MF 2800 Series, it’s a compact range that just got bigger.

Buying the right compact utility tractor can be a challenge as there are a lot of factors to weigh up. At Massey Ferguson our fundamental focus, as it has always been, is on reliability and long life. Along with giving you an easy, comfortable and straightforward operator experience. Explore our compact tractor offers in New Zealand.

BIG Rebate on BIG DNA


For a limited time only, get up to $2000 rebate* on select Massey Ferguson branded attachments including Loaders, Buckets, Mower Decks and Backhoes when you buy from the Massey Ferguson Compact Tractor range. Ends 31 December 2023 or while stocks last. 

*Conditions, eligibility criteria and exclusions apply. Rebate available for Massey Ferguson branded attachments purchased at the same time as an eligible Massey Ferguson Tractor. Offer available with the purchase of the MF GC1700, MF 1800 and MF 2800 Series Tractors only. Order and install between 1 September 2023 to 31 December 2023. Rebate cannot be applied retrospectively. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time, rebate only available on attachments in stock for delivery with tractor on farm. The rebate will be applied by Dealer at the time of invoice, and only one rebate per tractor purchase. Maximum rebate available on each series MF GC1700 rebate of $1,000, MF 1800 rebate of $1,500 and MF 2800 rebate of $2,000. At participating Massey Ferguson dealers only, while stocks last.

The Groundskeeper

MF GC1700 Sub-Compact Series Tractors | 22.8 - 24 HP

The Massey Ferguson GC 1700 series tractors are designed to over perform when it comes to all the things you want to do on your small farm, lifestyle block or in your business. The MF GC1700 Series can handle everything from mowing, loading, general farm work and more.  

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The Farm Hand - Economy 

NEW MF 1800 E Series Tractors | 34.5 - 39.4 HP

The MF 1800 E series is a great value entry point for a low horsepower compact tractor for a small farm owner. Hefty weight gives stability and lifting capability as well as good power to the ground. High hydraulic flows give speed and responsiveness. The MF 1800 E will redefine your ideas on compact tractor capability.

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The Farm Hand - Premium

NEW MF 1800 M Series Tractor | 34.9 - 39.4 HP

The premium verision in the MF 1800 range, the MF 1800 M series features the option of a cab, plus electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission and high hydraulic flows for fast reaction and increased work rates. Along with heavy weight for good power to the ground, stability and lifting capability. The mid mount PTO allows you to add an optional mower deck to your tractor.

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The Work Horse - Economy

NEW MF 2800 E Series Compact Tractors | 48.8 - 57.3 HP

The MF 2800 E series is a compact tractor that defines the far end of compact utility tractor capability with more power, weight and lifting capacity than the 1800 series. This also offers the speed and convenience of a mechanically controlled hydrostatic transmission. 

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The Work Horse - Premium

NEW MF 2800 M Series Compact Tractors | 48.8 - 60.3 HP

The premium model in our new compact tractor range, the MF 2800 M series has capability and features that you might normally associate with a bigger tractor. It features the option of a cab, with the ultimate ease and infinite speed adjustment of an electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission, it’s built to suit serious farm or business usage.

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The Heavy Lifter

MF 2600 Series Utility Tractors | 39 - 74 HP

Our popular and well proven MF 2600 utility tractor is a simple and robust workhorse, combining rugged reliability and outstanding performance with ease of operation.  Suitable for a wide range of implements, from mowing to loader work, grading and tilling, it's the ideal multi-purpose tractor capable of tackling many jobs around your small farm. 

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Compact Tractor Selection Guide

If you’re in the market for a compact tractor, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the options available. That’s why we’ve put together this selection guide to help you choose the right tractor for your needs. 

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Compact & Utility Tractor Models Comparison Table

Model Series

Max Engine HP


Rear Lift Capacity kg

Implement Hydraulic
Flow LPM


Base Weight kg

MF GC1700 24 2 Range Hydrostatic 540 24 - 26.3 18.3 - 18.5 690
MF 1800 E 40 3-Range Hydrostatic 1,000 28.9 27.6 - 31.5 1,305
MF 1800 M 40 3-Range Hydrostatic 1,270 47.8 25.7 - 27.9 1,575 - 1,750
MF 2800 E 57 3-Range Hydrostatic 1,200 47.8 38.5 - 45.3 1,750 - 1,755
MF 2800 M 60 3-Range Hydrostatic 1,580 47.8 36.2 - 44.6 1,830 - 2,120
MF 2600 74 Constant Mesh 8F X 2R 2,050 55 - 61.8 32 - 60 2,130 - 2,665

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