Massey Ferguson Proves Reliable for Taranaki Contractor

New Zealand - Gibbons Contracting, based in Taranaki, has been operating for a decade and specialises in earthworks and agricultural work, such as harvesting and baling. The company's owner, Greg ‘Gibbo’ Gibbons has been using Massey Ferguson tractors for years and believes they are the best fit for his company's needs.

Gibbo's childhood memories are filled with seeing Massey Ferguson tractors on every farm he visited. He says, "It's amazing how many are still around. You know, they just don't die." Gibbo's contracting business uses Massey Ferguson tractors for their reliability and fuel efficiency.

Fuel consumption is a significant factor in contracting work, and Gibbo has found a balance between fuel economy and the horsepower needed for the job. When it comes to baling and mowing, the company uses the higher horsepower MF 8680, which has impressed Gibbo with its fuel economy, despite its size and power. 

The MF 8680 boasts a powerful engine and features a spacious cab with comfortable seating and intuitive controls, making it easy to operate and reducing operator fatigue. Gibbo has been quick to place an order for the new MF 8S, which will be a definite step up from his MF 8680. ‘With the new 8S tractor that’s turning up, it’s something we’re all excited about,’ he tells us. ‘(It’s) Something new, and the technology that will be in that will be great for us going forward.’

Gibbo admits that converting his staff to the Massey Ferguson brand has been relatively easy. He says, "I think the gear sort of sells itself… it’s just getting them in the seat …and the feedback is always positive."

With the inevitable long hours associated with hay and forage work, driver comfort is also a significant factor for Gibbo and his team, and the Massey Ferguson tractors have delivered on that front as well. Overall, Gibbo firmly believes they are the best fit for his contracting business.

As an iconic brand, Massey Ferguson has been a trusted name in the agricultural industry for generations. The company offers a wide range of tractors, with advanced features that provide increased productivity, efficiency, and comfort for operators. Massey Ferguson's commitment to innovation, reliability, and durability has earned them the trust of farmers and contractors worldwide.

Gibbo's story is just one example of how Massey Ferguson's tractors are meeting the needs of agricultural and contracting businesses across Australia and New Zealand. 



Click here to learn more about the MF 8S and see for yourself why Greg Gibbons is excited to add it to his fleet.

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