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When you buy a Massey Ferguson tractor, what you’re buying is long term value. A tractor that’s going to work hard and reliably for many years and repay your investment many times over.

That reliable straightforward farming experience comes with the technology you need and high levels of operator comfort that reduce fatigue and increase efficiency. Reasons why our tractors have won many international awards in recent years.

Our range includes compact tractors, medium horsepower tractors and high horsepower tractors with the perfect tractor to meet your needs. Whether you own a small lifestyle property or a large scale farming operation we offer you the best advice and deals on any Massey Ferguson machinery. 

At Massey Ferguson Australia we bring you the best deals on all Massey Ferguson tractors and machinery for sale. Bonus offers, value added deals and manufacturer only, low finance rates on tractors and other Massey Ferguson machinery.

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Compact and Utility Tractors | 23 - 74 HP

Compact tractors that redefine compact tractor capability. 
More like scaled down versions of our bigger tractors, the Massey Ferguson compact tractor range come with an impressive array of specifications and features. These compact tractors are engineered to tackle a multitude of tasks on your lifestyle block or small farm up to 100 acres. Built with a robust and sturdy construction, they ensure exceptional stability, lifting capability, and effective power transfer to the ground, redefining your perception of small tractor capabilities.

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Medium Horsepower Tractors | 80 - 200 HP

The ultimate Australian farm all rounders.
Massey Ferguson’s medium horsepower tractor range provides the totally reliable, always on, backbone capability you need as a professional farmer. Our medium horsepower farm tractors have the weight, the horsepower, the lifting stability and ability to run every sort of implement. Along with the comfort and ease you need when your tractor is part of your workplace. All with the Massey Ferguson reliability.

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High Horsepower Tractors | 200+ HP

The ultimate farm investment.
When you buy a Massey Ferguson high horsepower tractor you can expect to get a straightforward, dependable high performance machine. That means a tractor that will continue to perform strongly, for years under the heaviest cropping usage and toughest farm conditions. That will be supremely comfortable, come with the latest technology and be straightforward to use. Every option, every touch point and every engineering decision has been carefully considered to make life better for farmers like you.

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