High Performance High Horsepower Tractors

Experience the superb power and engineered quality of Massey Ferguson’s high horsepower tractors. Get the ultimate farm investment with these high horsepower tractors that deliver optimised efficiency for Australian farmers across all sectors –livestock, crop, mixed and contracting.

MF 7S Series Tractors | 145 - 210 HP

Born for farming professionals, the MF 7S offers a choice of horsepower, transmissions, hydraulic and PTO options to help you tailor it to your operation. With the comfort of front wheel and cab suspension and a 2.88 metre wheelbase for stability, it’s a versatile, powerful medium to high horsepower tractor choice.

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MF 8S Series Tractors | 205 - 305 HP

The mullti award winning MF 8S tractor sets new standards in comfort, connectivity and ease of use in the high horsepower tractor category. Add to that AGCO Power 6 cylinder, 7.4 litre all-in-one Stage V engine, that saves up to 10% on fuel by running at lower RPM and the efficient choice of DYNA 7 or DYNA VT transmissions. Plus many options to personalise the tractor to suit your needs.

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MF 8700 S Series Tractors | 270 - 370 HP

Our largest high horsepower tractor the MF 8700 S is a heavyweight contender for any cropping application with the latest technology and low running costs. With its weight of just 10.8 tonnes which is around 4 tonnes lighter than a typical high horsepower tractor and a 2.15 m wheel diameter it is designed to reduce compaction and put maximum power to the ground.

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High Horsepower Tractor Models Comparison Table

Model Series

Max Engine HP




Rear Lift Capacity kg

MF 7S 210 AGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 Cylinder Multiple, Dyna-6, Dyna-VT 860 9,600
MF 8S 305 All-in-One Stage V Multiple, Dyna-7, Dyna-VT 1,280 10,000
MF 8700 S 370 AGCO Power 6 cylinder, 8.4 Litre Dyna-VT 1,540 12,000

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