3 Tips for Hay Equipment Purchases

3 Tips for Hay Purchases

AGCO's hay and forage solutions range from disc mower conditioners and self-propelled windrowers to round balers and square balers, all with innovations in size, capacity and efficiency. Specialized equipment for hay production is a worthwhile investment, whether you’re making hay for your own livestock or selling hay for profit. The key to success is selecting the right hay equipment for your tractor and your property.

If you are considering a hay purchase, look no further than the tips below before you buy:

1.    Know your tractor

Before you shop for equipment, make sure you know the specifications of your tractor, weight, width, horsepower, etc. It’s important to know the details of your tractor so it can meet the requirements for your hay implement. Your tractor’s manual will have this information.

For questions on your tractor’s specs, contact a local dealer: https://bit.ly/33RZJKa

2.    Protect your investment

Your equipment is not only one of your largest investments — it’s your operation’s lifeline. AGCO Protection Extended Service Contracts (ESCs) plans are designed to give peace of mind that your hay equipment will be in tip-top shape and ready when you are.

Factory Warranty:

1 year — At the time of purchases

2 year — Round baler, bumper to bumpers, windrower engine

3 year — Razorbar and RazorEdge

3.    Find the right equipment for you

In order to choose the mower that will work best for your situation, first fit the mower to the size of your tractor and then determine how you will be using it.

Disc Mowers

Whether you’re looking for DM Series triple mowers, Farmer Series disc mowers or Professional Series disc mowers, we have a solution for you. No matter your operation size, we’ll help you find the best disc mower to get the job done right.

From economy models with conditioning options to advanced center-pivot disc models, rugged Hesston by Massey Ferguson® 1300 Series mowers are all you need to bring in your hay crop quickly — and in great condition. Each model in our 1300 Series is equipped with heavy-duty, durable components, keeping you working longer and giving you a good cost of ownership.


WR9900 Series self-propelled windrower[AW1]  helps you produce quality hay faster, more efficiently, with great precision, less fatigue, better fuel economy or lower operating costs. New models feature the added power to handle most crop conditions, a brand-new cab for more comfort and greater hydraulic capacity for increased productivity.


Large square balers

When Hesston introduced the first large square baler in 1978, it quickly became a preferred solution for cattle, dairy and long-distance transport. That heritage continues with the 2200 Series, the most reliable, productive baler ever built.

Small and medium square balers

Thanks to our exclusive in-line design, every small bale is easier to handle, stack and feed. Our bales are also denser, with more consistent bale flakes and less leaf loss. Our 1800 Series is designed to follow directly behind the tractor. The result is dense, high-quality hay with no flimsy, banana-shaped bales that immediately fall apart when they’re picked up.

Round balers

Whether you run a small- to mid-size dairy farm or a cow/calf operation, these rugged, hardworking machines are built to handle everything your operation demands. The RB Series feature five tine bars with teeth spaced just 2.5 inches apart, allowing for a far more complete capture of crop on the field.

To learn more about our hay and forage products, visit: www.masseyferguson.com/en_us/products/hay-and-forage.html

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