Massey Ferguson Tips for Snow Clearing

Massey Ferguson Tips for Snow Clearing

Make Snow Clearing a Snap

You wake up and feel that familiar chill in the air. A glance out the window confirms it. Winter is settling in for the long haul, and there’s snow on the ground. But with the right tools and equipment from Massey Ferguson, snow clearing doesn’t have to be a total slog. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to make your property a winter wonderland, whether you’re just clearing a driveway or need to dig yourself out of a once-in-a-century storm.

Getting Going

First off, you need to make sure your equipment is up to the task. An engine block heater can help ensure that your tractor will start in frigid conditions. Using the right oil for cooler temps can also ease starting, while the right fuel will prevent cold-related problems in the fuel system when the temperatures really dip. The right tires can also make all the difference in snow applications, while chains may be required to gain the necessary traction. Nokian tires, available on some Massey Ferguson compact tractors, offer the winter benefits needed to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. If you have questions about prepping your equipment for frigid temperatures, your local Massey Ferguson dealer is always ready to help.  

Choose Your Equipment

For those thinking about adding some snow capability to their equipment, this section is for you. Already have an MF GC 1700 Series and want to move some snow? Check out the MF 2360 snow blower, the MF 2330 front broom, or the MF 2335 and 2340 front blades.

Running an MF 1800 M? The MF 1410 snow blower is your implement of choice.

Both the MF GC1700 and the MF 1800 M have mid-PTOs and are front mount snowblower capable. The GC1700 is perfect for home or business owners who need to clear narrow sidewalks, long driveways, courtyards and other similar spaces. It also doubles as a mower come summer, reducing the amount of equipment you need to purchase and maintain.

The MF 1800 M is larger, perfect for bigger properties, long driveways, parking lots and more. And because larger jobs mean you’ll be outside longer, the available heated cab might just become your best friend. MF 1800 M tractors also bring larger loader and mower options to tackle bigger projects when the snow subsides.

Should you decide to use a loader bucket to move snow, be sure to keep the bucket slightly off the ground, running parallel to avoid digging into the ground or hitting any raised objects, uneven concrete, roots, rocks, or anything you want to avoid damaging or that could damage your equipment.

Keep It Clean

After the job is done, the job might not be done. If you ran a snow blower, you’ll want to make sure the auger and impeller are cleared out. If snow or ice remains, the blower may be difficult to turn back on when needed. It’s also a good idea to frequently clean your tractor to remove any traces of salt.

When it’s time to wrap up the snow blowing season, grease all fittings, lightly coat the auger and impeller with oil to avoid corrosion, and wash your tractor to remove any remaining salt it may have picked up while working or in transit.

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