Massey Ferguson 5S Series Feature

Meet the New MF 5S Series: Unmatched Versatility on a Budget

The MF 5S Series offers unmatched maneuverability and versatility.

Whether it’s dairy, livestock or hay, keeping your operation profitable can be a complex balancing act. Equipment that maximizes your versatility while minimizing your investment and operating cost is a great way to make balancing the books easier. That’s why we designed the Massey Ferguson 5S Series, the smallest tractor in the MF S Series lineup. The MF 5S Series offers unmatched maneuverability and versatility for demanding loader, mowing, feeding and baling operations.

Agile, powerful and comfortable, the MF 5S Series is designed for straightforward operation and industry-leading reliability in even the most challenging applications. The MF 5S Series is available in three models ranging from 115 to 145 HP, making it a great option for farmers looking to get more bang for the buck from their equipment.

Here’s what makes the MF 5S Series a true utility player on the farm.

Powerful Productivity

The first step to improving operating costs is increasing power and overall productivity. The MF 5S Series features an AGCO Power™ four-cylinder, 4.4-liter engine, one of the most dependable and cost-effective modes on the market, with a legacy of fuel efficiency. The engine pairs with Massey Ferguson’s compact all-in-one aftertreatment system to deliver more power and torque with reduced fuel and DEF consumption. An electronic wastegate turbocharger further improves performance and reduces emissions.

Farmers can choose either a Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, both field-proven efficient drivelines. The Dyna-4 semi-powershift transmission provides 16 speeds with optional Auto-Drive for automatic shifting. The Dyna 6 is our Super Eco transmission, offering 25 mph operating speeds and utilizing 24 forward and reverse speeds while maximizing fuel efficiency.

All-Around Versatility

In addition to efficient fuel consumption, the MF 5S Series is available with the choice of three hydraulic systems to provide exceptional pressure, flow and response. Open and closed center options provide up to 29 gallons per minute of flow for responsive loader and other demanding hydraulic applications such as mowing and baling. A new front linkage design provides lift capacities up to 6,600 pounds, while the stronger rear linkage lifts up to 10,300 pounds, allowing farmers to double up operations.

This power, paired with the tractor’s compact footprint and maneuverability, makes it the perfect loader partner. The MF 5S Series provides a tight, 13-foot turning radius and best-in-class visibility thanks to a slim dashboard and narrow, steep-nose hood. The left-hand power control lever is ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing farmers to comfortably change direction, shift speeds and select neutral. A joystick operates the loader and provides hassle-free operation.

Maximum Comfort

And while it may not have a direct impact on cost efficiency, the comfort offered by the MF 5S Series reduces the physical toll of those long days in the field. The series features an easy-to-access and roomie cab, providing more space to work comfortably. Perfect ergonomics and a new armrest design put controls easily at hand, and new front axle suspension ensures a comfortable ride.

But not everyone wants all the bells and whistles, like LED lights for outstanding visibility for working at night. Farmers can customize their MF 5S Series with a wide range of specifications available through Classic and Deluxe packages. This means operators can choose the best option for their comfort and performance — and their bottom line.

A Smart Economic Choice

With substantial power, maximum agility, well-engineered quality and a new distinct style, the MF 5S Series is simply the best tractor in its class for hay and livestock producers and ideal for a wide variety of loader applications. Contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer to learn more about this highly versatile four-cylinder option.

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