A Workhorse of a Different Color

A Workhorse of a Different Color

Missouri Operation Finds Efficiency and Comfort With Massey Ferguson 5S Series Tractor

Whether it’s based on family tradition, dealer location or just pure color preference, many farmers have a preferred equipment brand. Wieczorek Farms, a 500-acre hay and cattle operation in northeast Missouri, traditionally ran green equipment, with the exception of their red Hesston by Massey Ferguson baler. However, when the opportunity to test out a Massey Ferguson 5S Series tractor during the 2023 hay season arose, Jason and Kayla Wieczorek quickly realized the value of a straightforward and dependable operating experience. 

Born to Farm

Farming isn’t for the faint of heart. Keeping a family-run calf/cow operation in the black requires hard work, dedication and sometimes creative thinking. In 2007, Jason saw commercial hay production as an opportunity to add revenue and carve out a niche for his family cattle operation. In addition to managing 100 head pairs of black Herford cattle, Jason began adding acres for hay production for a total of 200 acres of alfalfa and 300 acres of straw by 2023. 

Local land prices were high, even for renting, and the farm was competing against row crop operations for land, so it was important that the numbers all added up. Jason didn’t have to carry the initial equipment investment of his row crop competitors, but he still needed reliable machines to get the job done quickly and with a high degree of quality to keep his customers and his cows happy. 

The increased acreage also meant more time in the tractor cab, both in the field and on the road. There were no complaints with the current equipment, but comfort and technology had advanced since buying his current tractor in 2019, so Jason and Kayla were excited to experience the award-winning MF 5S Series

Style and Substance

Built for ultimate comfort, the MF 5S Series is designed for straightforward operation, outstanding visibility and the power to handle any application. It offers efficient drivelines to achieve higher productivity and promises to keep operating costs low, all while delivering more power and torque. It features the field-proven 4-cylinder, 4.4-liter AGCO Power engine and the company’s innovative All-in-One aftertreatment system for more power and torque with reduced fuel and DEF consumption. The series also provides best-in-class visibility with a slim dashboard and narrow steep-nose hood. For a bottom-line-conscious operation like Wieczorek Farms, it seemed like the perfect blend of power, comfort and cost efficiency. 

Kayla, who spent the majority of time behind the wheel during the 2023 hay season, was especially impressed with the tractor’s overall comfort and ease of use. The spacious, perfectly ergonomic cab with new armrest that put controls easily at hand, reduced fatigue, even on the longest days, while the front axle suspension helped smooth out the ride over obstacles such as rough fields, corn residue and more. 

As someone who didn’t grow up farming, Kayla was initially intimidated by the available technology, but after a quick tutorial and a few hours behind the wheel, she had the confidence of a pro. She especially appreciated the Dyna-6 transmission which allowed smoother operation with the baler. 

“I didn’t have to worry about clutching to stop,” she said. “Hay varies — sometimes you’re getting thicker stuff, sometimes it’s thinner — so being able to change your speed without having to drop a gear and clutch really made the process easier. It was all at my fingertips.”

Additionally, Jason was impressed with the farmer-focused design choices that made it easy to maintain productivity even in dusty drought conditions.

“The reversing fan is huge,” he said. “We were able to keep going rather than stopping every two windrows to blow out the radiator.”

With the tractor’s suite of technology, Kayla and Jason were also able to better monitor inputs and breakdown operating costs for a more holistic look at their margins and bottom line. 

A Successful Season

In 2023, the farm had its best hay season yet, producing 32,000 small and 2,300 large square bales of hay. The operation put many hours on the MF 5S Series, primarily with Kayla running the baler. Crunching the numbers at the end of the season, the operation saw better fuel economy and better uptime in the field with the Massey Ferguson tractor. Both Jason and Kayla admit to being spoiled by the comfortable ride, as well, and note that visibility, suspension and overall ride quality will no longer be an afterthought when investing in new farm equipment.  

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