Massey Ferguson All-in-One Aftertreatment System

Massey Ferguson All-in-One Aftertreatment System: What it is and how it benefits your operation

As a farmer-focused manufacturer, Massey Ferguson is constantly looking for ways to balance compliance with efficiency. In 2008, our Massey Ferguson 8690 tractor introduced the All-in-One aftertreatment system, the first of its kind in the industry to incorporate selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Since then, our engineering teams have continued to refine our system to provide a virtually maintenance-free solution that increases efficiency and operator comfort.

But what exactly is our All-in-One system, and how does it benefit your operation? Here are three answers to three common questions to help you better understand the Massey Ferguson solution.

What are the major components of the Massey Ferguson All-in-One aftertreatment system?

To meet federal emissions standards, all equipment manufacturers have come up with their own diesel emission control solution to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx). The main components of the Massey Ferguson All-in-One system include:

- SCR system, which uses a catalyst and a reductant, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), to convert NOx into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) through a chemical reaction.

- Diesel particulate filter or DPF, which captures and stores particulates from exhaust gas.

- Diesel oxidation catalyst or DOC, which converts certain toxins, such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, into less harmful substances through chemical oxidation.

These components aren’t exclusive to Massey Ferguson or even the agricultural industry. But what sets our aftertreatment system apart is its straightforward, dependable design.

What are the major benefits of the Massey Ferguson All-in-One system?

Our innovative diesel emission control system is a great example of our farmer-focused approach to design. Large diesel machines require some form of emission control to meet federal and state standards. However, our engineers took things a step further to maximize efficiency, ease of use and overall operator comfort.

Our system makes it simple. It uses active regeneration and initiates regen, when necessary, without operator assistance. There are also minimal maintenance requirements with this system. These features decrease downtime and make one less thing for farmers to worry about during operation.

Additionally, our compact system is positioned below the cab line for better visibility in front of the tractor. Operators don’t need to worry about a large exhaust system blocking their view.

The Massey Ferguson All-in-One aftertreatment system provides a virtually maintenance-free solution that increases efficiency and operator comfort.

How can you maximize the efficiency of the All-in-One aftertreatment system?

Diesel emission control systems rely on heat to burn off particulate matter during regen. Not running the engine at maximum output means it will not reach high enough temperatures for passive regeneration. The Massey Ferguson All-in-One system, like those of other manufacturers, is designed to function with the tractor engine operating at maximum output a majority of the time. When these conditions are not met, the system is slightly less efficient. Keeping this in mind when purchasing a new tractor and matching output to intended use will make for a better ROI.

Your local dealer can provide more information on the impact of our innovative aftertreatment system in your unique operation. Current owners can also find more in their owner’s manual.

Emission regulations will remain a concern for those in the agriculture industry. Massey Ferguson continues to innovate our systems to meet the needs of the farmer in the field.

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