Supporting Our Customers Through Our Technicians

Massey Ferguson is adapting technical support to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Our world is changing. In order to survive in this changing world, we have to adapt and embrace the changes. Massey Ferguson has been consistently at the forefront of change and innovation. An important part of this has been to equip all our technicians within our dealerships with the most up to date technical training and most advanced tools to enable them to support our customers in all aspects of machine ownership.

Never before has our ability to adapt been more tested than it has during the current Covid-19 epidemic. No longer able to conduct face-to-face training courses for our service technicians, Massey Ferguson has had to make the transition to 100% virtual / distance-based learning in a short period of time.

Keeping our technical staff abreast of up-to-date, essential technical content has always been our highest priority to guarantee their ability to fully and competently service our customers’ machines. Massey Ferguson has successfully implemented virtual classrooms where this delivery can continue and our commitment to our customers remains true.

As technology advances rapidly, so do the expectations placed on service departments to support and maintain all aspects of a machine. Massey Ferguson is committed to supporting our customers, reducing downtime and ensuring quick and stress-free resolutions to problems in the field. To this end, we recently launched a new remote support tool available to all our service technicians.

Collaborative Video Session (CVS) is a new tool that enables field staff to resolve issues in a timely and effective manner. It gives technicians immediate and live access to remote support specialists, meaning they are more likely to be able to resolve complex issues on the spot, eliminating the need for long and multiple phone calls and unproductive wait times.

CVS is a simple app placed on the technician’s phone or tablet connecting them in a virtual, interactive environment with remote support specialists. They can see and share pertinent information in real-time, facilitating faster and tailored resolutions. The support specialists can visually guide the technician through the problem ensuring the correct solution is implemented the first time.

Your local Massey Ferguson dealer is the best and only place to trust with your machine. You can rely on the fact that they are backed by the latest training and systems. They are empowered with the knowledge, tools and continued support of Massey Ferguson to care for your equipment in this ever-changing world.

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