Significant upgrades boost Massey Ferguson MF 2200 Series large square baler performance

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is delighted to announce significant enhancements that further improve the ease of use, durability and performance of its renowned MF 2200 Series large square balers.

As well as being easier to operate using the new MF BaleCreate terminal display, the latest balers now inherit low maintenance, robust components from the high capacity MF Ultra HD model and come equipped with new running gear, a higher capacity pick-up and stronger, more durable components.

“Massey Ferguson’s MF 2200 Series set the large square baler standard. The balers have a great reputation among professional users for not only reliability and their ability to make consistent, high quality bales, but also for delivering low ownership costs,” says Jérôme Aubrion, Director Marketing Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

“These new balers benefit from a range of new components, well proven on the renowned Massey Ferguson MF Ultra HD models, which further improve durability. “Throughout the machine numerous other updates boost capacity and performance. Also, the new axle make the MF 2200 Series balers now less than 3m wide on the largest tyres,” adds Mr Aubrion.

A new model numbering system now matches the existing bale sizes (in Imperial measurements). All the balers are equipped as standard with the Packer feeding system, while the ProCut Cutter is an option for all, apart from the MF 2244.

Model Chamber size Imperial (ft) Chamber size Metric (cm) Packer

ProCut Cutter

MF 2233

3 x 3

80 x 90



MF 2224

4 x 2

120 x 70



MF 2234

4 x 3

120 x 90



MF 2234 XD

4 x 3

120 x 90



MF 2244

4 x 4

120 x 130




Key features

  • New MF BaleCreate terminal display eases operation, allowing operators to set-up and monitor important functions via three, selectable work screens
  • New electronic bale length setting
  • Latest design tandem axle and new suspension system improve handling and keep transport width to less than 3.0m on 620/50-22.5 tyres
  • High capacity pick-up with a five tine-bar reel, takes smaller ‘bites’ to improve crop flow and increase performance
  • New larger, robust maintenance-free bearings and components from the high capacity MF Ultra HD baler range
  • Heavy-duty straps on the stronger, redesigned bale roller chute increase durability and reduce noise
  • MF Connect Telemetry for optimum fleet management, dealer maintenance monitoring and security with mobile App access
  • All models fully compliant with the latest TIM – Tractor Implement Management system.



MF BaleCreate offers straightforward control

The MF BaleCreate terminal display, provides comprehensive electronic control of the entire baling sequence. This improves bale consistency while easing the load on operators, allowing them to focus on maintaining optimum machine performance.

First introduced on the MF Ultra HD baler, the ISOBUS compatible system is easy to use on the Massey Ferguson FieldStar 5 terminal and any other compliant controller. It offers three, selectable work screens, which operators can select by simple swiping between them – like using a tablet.

Up to 12 different items can be displayed on each screen, with short cut keys on the touch-screen offering quick access to frequently used items. It will now also control the new premium LED lighting, which is standard for all the transport, working and service lights.

MF BaleCreate now employs electronic bale length control, which is set and altered from the terminal. This precise and intelligent system constantly monitors the size of the previous ten flakes and ensures the target bale length is maintained to within half of an average flake size.

Automatically ensuring consistent and precise bale length increases productivity, eases the workload on the operator and ensures bales meet customers’ exact specifications.


New axle brings big benefits

A new tandem axle and suspension system increases stability and manoeuvrability, on the road and in the field, delivering a smooth ride as well as keeping the machine within 3m wide for transport.

Suspension for both axles is now provided by a single set of large, leaf springs on either side. As well as increasing overall stability, it permits the use of wide, 620/50-22.5 tyres, which keeps the overall width to less than 3m.

Passive steering on the rear axle increases manoeuvrability and prevents damage to the sward and soil. This uses a large, powerful hydraulic ram to smoothly align the wheels without having to drive forwards.

Meeting full EU type approval, the new axle set-up is equipped with air brakes as standard and is rated up to 60km/h – where legislation allows.


Proven pick-up improves crop feed

Now equipped with five bars and 80 double tines, 25% more than before, the new stronger pick-up greatly improves crop flow and feeding. Another durable feature from the MF Ultra HD baler, the additional tine bar helps gather smaller ‘bites’ from the swath. This extra feeding capacity enables the baler to work faster to increase overall performance.

Feeding is further enhanced by new polypropylene pick-up wrappers, which as well as reducing friction are lighter and operate more quietly. The hard-wearing, strong and flexible material also helps reduce running costs.


Stronger more durable components

Larger, packer crank sealed ball bearings increase reliability and maintenance costs. The plunger also now runs on new, sealed and high specification bearings, which are 11% larger than those used previously.

As used on the MF Ultra HD, all the new bearings are sealed for life and do not require lubrication.

Redesigned wrapper bands in the pre-compression chamber help improve feeding and increase reliability. Reinforced with an integral support rib, these stronger bands remove the need for a cross member, allowing wet and difficult crops to pass through more freely.

In response to operator requests, to help fine tune flake size in certain crops and conditions, Massey Ferguson now provides a lever for quick and easy adjustment of the trip door spring tension.

The lever provides a convenient way to make fine adjustments to accommodate varying crop conditions. It seldom requires changing, but extending the spring length will make larger flakes, while shortening it will make the shorter.

A new straightforward robust bale chute design employs a single, side-mounted lifting ram and uses heavy-duty straps, which are lighter than chains as well as reduce noise and eliminate risk of damage to the paintwork as the machines age.

Raising and lowering can be controlled via the operator terminal and a spring-loaded catch holds it securely in position for road transport.


Standard MF Connect Telemetry

All the new MF 2200 Series balers are equipped with MF Connect Telemetry as standard. This enables owners and managers to monitor the machine’s location, performance and operating status on a secure webpage or mobile App. It is particularly useful for fleet management, enabling users to quickly locate machines and manage jobs more easily.

Dealers, with the owner’s permission, can also provide remote support by monitoring machines with service and maintenance notifications for planned and preventative maintenance.


Automatic ISOBUS operation

All models in new MF 2200 Series are fully compatible with Tractor Implement Management (TIM).

Using the baler’s existing sensors, combined with intelligent software, TIM monitors baler performance and target settings and then automatically speeds up or slows down the tractor to achieve optimum results.

TIM helps to significantly reduce fatigue allowing the operator to focus on steering and feed.


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