Hesston, KS, U.S.A

Located in Kansas, the Hesston plant has a 55-year history manufacturing farm equipment. Hesston engineers pioneered the big baler concept in the 1970s, which has become one of the factory’s best-selling products. Today the plant boasts 13 different production lines building a wide range of machines.

Balers, Hay and Forage

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001 620 327 6300

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420 W. Lincoln Boulevard
Kansas 67062

Key Facts

Hay and Forage

Responsible for the design of the 1745D Round Baler 1800 Series Small Square Balers 2200 Series Large Square Balers 2300 UHD Large Square Baler 2900 Series Round Balers 1300 Series Mower Conditioners WR9900 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers


100,000 + Windrowers built since 1956


1100+ employees

65 Hectares  

Total Surface

647,497 M2

Covered Surface

MF Hesston Visitor’s Experience Tour

Thanks you for your interest on getting a Hesston Visitor’s Experience Tour. As your health and safety is our top priority, our factory is at the moment not opened for any visits due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We monitor constantly U.S. government regulation and legal policies and will follow recommendations for safety to be able to restart our factory visits.

Thanks for your understanding.

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