New Generation hay and forage equipment strengthens Massey Ferguson range

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is delighted to announce it is strengthening its hay and forage range with new generation of butterfly and front-mounted mowers, two latest design four-rotor rakes as well as specialist equipment for Alpine farmers.

These new machines further enhance Massey Ferguson’s well-regarded green harvest range, says Thierry Lhotte, Vice President & Managing Director Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

 “Since its launch the Massey Ferguson haytool range has earned a good reputation among customers and dealers. We are continuing to invest and improve our successful full-line strategy to ensure we deliver our customers exactly the right machines with specification they require – regardless of whether they are a contractor or small-scale farmer.

“This strategy enables our customers to invest in well-proven Massey Ferguson equipment with the confidence of knowing they will receive excellent back-up and service from the dealer they know and trust,” adds Mr Lhotte.


Massey Ferguson’s new generation hay and forage equipment:

  • New generation, MF DM TL Butterfly rear disc mowers with a choice of 8.6m or 9.6m working widths
  • New generation MF DM 316 FP, 3.10m working width front-mounted disc mowers with a choice of conditioners
  • Latest design 12.5m MF RK 1254 TRC and 14m MF RK 1404 TRC-Pro four-rotor rakes with hydraulically lifting axle
  • Alpine range to suit small-scale farmers and those working in mountain areas
  • New generation butterfly mowers boost capacity


Massey Ferguson’s new generation MF DM TL butterfly, rear-mounted mowers deliver optimum mowing output and efficiency and fold to below 4m for safe and easy transport.


MF Model

MF DM 8612 TL

MF DM 9614 TL

Working width



No. Discs / blades*

6 / 2

7 / 2

Power requirement



*each side


Ideally suited to working in combination with the latest design front-mounted mowers, they offer working widths of up to 8.6m on the MF DM 8612 TL and 9.6m with the MF DM 9614 TL.

Both models are equipped with Massey Ferguson’s latest design disc cutterbar, new improved mounting, renowned TurboLift suspension as well as new compact mounting and anti-collision system.

Working width adjustment allows operators to precisely set the combination to match the front mower and maintain a uniform cut in all ground conditions, even when cutting around corners.

Massey Ferguson’s radically new, lower position mounting system ensures the machine folds to below 4m for transport and simplifies coupling up. It also improves stability in work and enables the mower to be safely stored vertically, without any extra stands.

This attachment system also delivers reliable mower protection with a straightforward, anti-collision device. If the mower hits an obstruction spring-loaded catches release the connection, allowing the whole machine to swing up and back.

MF DM TL mowers are equipped, as standard, with the latest generation TurboLift hydro-pneumatic damping system, which provides significantly greater movement compared with the previous version.

TurboLift now provides the mowers with a lateral swing angle of up to 19° downhill and 30° uphill, closely following contours to protect the sward, reduce contamination and improve forage quality. Operators can also set the ground pressure, enabling the mower to glide over the ground.

Both machines are equipped with Massey Ferguson’s new generation cutterbar, equipped with 2 x 6 discs on the MF DM 8612 TL and 2 x 7 on the MF DM 9614 TL. These wide diameter discs are each fitted with two blades and create high peripheral speeds for a clean cut and better crop flow.

Two-position width adjustment ensures MF DM TL mowers to maintain a uniform cut when working in combination with 2.8m, 3.0m and 3.10m wide front mowers. This allows operators to adjust the width of the overlap between the front and rear mower, ensuring the whole width is cut – even when cutting around corners.


Stylish design with smart features

The new neo-retro design, which follows that set by the award-winning MF 8S Series tractors, combines practicality with style. This modern design also includes smart features, such as specific storage for spare blades and quick-change tool, easy adjustment of working position from the cab, central locking for transport with hydraulic folding option. As well being able to be stored easily in the vertical position, the mower also comes with compartments for holding the hydraulic and electrical components.


Up-front increase in mowing productivity

Available as a either a straight mower or with a choice of tine or roller conditioner, the latest 3.10m working width MF DM 316 FP front-mounted mowers offer a new, compact mounting for closer coupling, greater linkage oscillation for better ground following and optional spring suspension, for all models, or hydro-pneumatic for those fitted with conditioners.

All feature Massey Ferguson’s latest, well proven disc cutterbar and can work solo or in combination with trailed, mounted or new MF DM TL butterfly mowers to significantly boost workrates.


MF Model

MF DM 316 FP

MF  DM 316 FP-KC


Working width




No. Discs /

6 / 2

6 / 2

6 / 2










All MF DM 316 FP mowers are all equipped with the latest generation, cutterbar that is fitted with six wide discs, which create high peripheral speeds for a clean cut and to improve crop flow. Each is fitted with two blades, which are easy to replace using the well-proven quick-change tool. Spares are carried on the machine in a specific spare blade box.

A new direct-mount hitch, without an additional A-frame, keeps the mower’s centre of gravity closer to the tractor and improves stability, helping to reduce stresses on the tractor and machine in the field and on the road. Cutting height is simply adjusted from the upper linkage and swath width is set with guide boards, without the need for tools.

A pendulum, pivot system enhances ground following, allowing the bed to closely follow contours up to +/- 7.5°. A spring-loaded centring device prevents the mower from moving sideways in the transport position. Hydraulic folding is an option.

MF DM 316 FP mowers come with a choice of tine (KC) or roller (RC) conditioners, so customers to choose the right system to match their crops and forage requirements. Conditioning intensity on both is adjusted using an easily accessible, straightforward lever. A swath spreader is an option.

Other output and efficiency enhancing options include electro-hydraulic individual lift control, conveyor wings and cone hats for the mower discs, swath guiding system, hydraulic folding covers and additional skids.


Upgraded rakes fold to less than 4m high for transport

A new hydraulically lifting axle enables Massey Ferguson’s latest generation 10.6m to 12.5m working width MF RK 1254 TRC and MF RK 1254 TRC-Pro four-rotor rakes to now fold to less than 4m for road transport.

Easily operated and set from the cab, the system automatically ensures the rotors only lift or lower when the axle is in the correct position. As well making it easier and more convenient when changing fields, the 4m transport height makes it safer to move on the road – and is within the maximum limit for certain markets.

Upgrades for the larger, MF 1404 TRC-Pro include a 11.5m to 14.0m working width, along with steering tandem axles now offered as a factory-fitted option, new sensors, improved front rotor spring suspension as well as modified cam tracks.

Massey Ferguson also offers a range of options for all four-rotor rakes to help improve operating efficiency, performance and safety. These include air-braking, 550/45-22.5 tyres, a swath former and a retro-fit ISOBUS control kit.


Massey Ferguson haytools for Alpine and small-scale operations

Massey Ferguson is also responding to demands from customers and dealers in mountain areas with its range of compact, specialist Alpine hay and forage making equipment.

Ideally suited to all types of small-scale farms, the Alpine equipment is designed specifically for providing these operators with high performance from lower power tractors. The range includes a choice of narrower working width mowers along with a range of small diameter mounted tedders and single-rotor rakes.

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