Let’s celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Power Control lever!

For Massey Ferguson, putting customers at the centre of everything we do has always been the driving force. A few years before the introduction of the MF 6200 Series in 1999, Massey Ferguson Product Specialists from several markets met to discuss a list of customers’ requirements. Tractor operators wanted improved efficiency when manoeuvring, while also ensuring convenience and comfort in tractors of that time.

MF Product Managers requested a lever to control clutch, shuttling and gearbox ratio without the operator needing to remove their left hand from the steering wheel. Working with engineers from the Beauvais Centre of Excellence, they designed the famous Power Control lever, which we still use today.

Tested by farmers, it was approved as a Go Forward, unanimously. This became one of the new key features when Massey Ferguson introduced the MF 6200 and the MF 8200 series in 1999.

Power Control Lever in 1999


Power Control Lever in 2024

Reliable, Dependable, and Still Going Strong 25 Years On

25 years later this feature remains unique, and is fitted on the majority of Massey Ferguson tractors from the MF 4700 to the MF 9S, as well as, even recently, MF telehandlers.

The purpose remains to this day; leaving the right hand free to operate implement functions (linkage, hydraulic, loader…) while the left hand controls clutching, shuttling (forward/reverse) and speed ratio. That is why this convenient feature is just as useful for arable operations and on the headlands as it is with a loader fitted for precise manoeuvrability. 

This lever has been appreciated globally by many drivers as it has been fitted on more than 300,000 tractors and telehandlers. There is even a satisfying touch and feel surrounding the lever with its user-friendly qualities. The Power Control lever is part of Massey Ferguson’s DNA as it is straightforward, dependable, affordable, and easy to use!

Happy birthday and thank you for giving so much satisfaction to farmers all around the world!

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