Massey Ferguson 2600 H Series Testimonial

At Home with a Modern Classic

Garrett Davis talks nostalgia, versatility and why the Massey Ferguson 2600 H Series is his ideal tractor.

Whether you have one acre or one hundred, it’s important to make informed equipment investments that will provide the versatility and dependability you need.

We’ve talked before about spec’ing the best small tractor for your unique situation. But we know there’s a difference between what’s on paper and the reality of how compact utility equipment fits into your lifestyle. That’s why we caught up with Garrett Davis, tactical marketing manager for Massey Ferguson’s CUE lineup and host of our YouTube series, At Home with Massey Ferguson.

Garrett and his wife Jennifer own a 25-acre homestead in northeast Georgia, near the Appalachian foothills. With lush, green grass all year long, gentle rolling hills and breathtaking views, this quiet corner of the world became the ideal escape from the big city. Season one of At Home with Massey Ferguson follows the couple as they grade, build and shape the former cow pasture into their version of the American dream.

But with so much to do and so much ground to cover, Garrett and Jennifer knew they needed a dependable workhorse tractor. And they knew just the model — the Massey Ferguson 2600 H Series utility tractor. In terms of power, maneuverability and straightforward operation, the MF 2600 H Series has it all. It’s the touch of nostalgia, though, that really made it the perfect machine for Garrett.

A Modern Classic

MF: We’ll get to the specs, but what was so special about the MF 2600 H Series?

GD: Growing up, my PawPaw had a MF 390 and MF 393. This was back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. To me, when you said tractor, that’s what I pictured. It wasn’t anything green. It was red, sleek and just one of the most beautiful machines you’d ever seen. I remember watching from the gate while PawPaw and my dad were working the fields. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to be out there helping, driving that nice, red tractor.

Fast forward, and Jennifer and I are looking for a tractor. We have a lot to do, putting up a half mile of fence, creating and maintaining one thousand feet of driveway and mowing, lots of mowing. I knew we needed something versatile. And in my head I’m picturing PawPaw and how that’s going to be me now. The MF 2600 H has the same look, but with the modern features that make operating it so easy. It even sounds the same! It was a little bit bigger than what I’d typically recommend for someone in my situation, but, for me, it checked all the boxes. Plus, it’s always better to go a little bigger so you don’t outgrow your tractor.

Straightforward Dependability

MF: Let’s step back a minute and talk about application and what kind of situations you would recommend the MF 2600 H Series for.

GD: The MF 2600 H Series is the first in our utility tractor line. These are an amazing all-around chore horse if you have a good size property and a few animals. Unlike our smaller CUE tractors, the MF 2600 H Series is going to give you the power to run a baler, move round bales and just tackle some of those heavy-duty jobs. It’s got an impressive range of implements for farmwork including discs, a bottom plow, seeders and drills. I could even see it used on a golf course, working for a city or municipality, or something like a tree farm. There are a ton of available attachments — pallet fork, loader, mower, you name it. When we were putting in our fence, we hooked up a post hole auger and a post driver. They made the job so much easier.

I like that it’s heavier. That gives you great stability. We’ve got some slopes and hills to contend with. I’m never worried about losing traction. I think the MF 2600 H Series gives you more flexibility in situations like mowing on an embankment or haying road ditches. It can get in there and move around with no problem, and you can widen out the rear wheels for even more stability on hills.

Its biggest asset, like all Massey Ferguson equipment, is its overall simplicity. There aren’t a bunch of bells and whistles that jack up the price that you’re never going to use. It’s a simple, dependable, economical, reliable machine. If you’ve got multiple operators — like sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s Jennifer — pretty much anyone can jump in the driver seat and do what they need to do. It’s usually me, though. Jennifer can operate it great, but it’s my tractor.

The Perfect All-Rounder

MF: What are some of your favorite features?

GD: There’s a lot to love. Like I said, it looks and sounds like PawPaw’s Massey Ferguson tractor, but it’s much more comfortable. I like the shuttle transmission. That’s a definite step up from the classic. We’ve also got two-wheel and four-wheel drive front axle options. Massey Ferguson tractors are unique in how customizable they are. You can get pretty much any combination of features you want to fit your needs and your budget.

The hydraulics are great. If you’re doing a lot of loader work, you get 15.7 gpm flow rate. Plus, this model really has the lifting/hauling power. The 3-point hitch capacity is well over 2,000 pounds, and it can lift 3,100 pounds on the front.

I appreciate the ground-level fuel tank and easy serviceability. It’s just Jennifer and me, so the less maintenance and heavy lifting we need to worry about, the better. There’s no diesel exhaust filter or fluid to worry about. No regeneration to slow us down. So far, we’ve got just over 300 hours on with no issues and minimal routine maintenance.

I like to call it the cast iron skillet of tractors. It’s simple, doesn’t need much babying and can do just about anything you need it to.

MF 2600 H Series Specs

Massey Ferguson 2600 H Series specifications.Table: MF 2600 H Series specs

As Garrett and Jennifer continue to build their American dream, the MF 2600 H Series has become an indispensable part of their rural lifestyle. And it can easily become a part of yours, as well. Contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer to spec the perfect model for your farm or homestead.

Season two of At Home with Massey Ferguson is finally here! Catch up on season one on YouTube, and go even deeper behind the scenes with this in-depth interview with Garrett.

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