Rugged Strength and Ultimate Reliability

The MF 200 Xtra Series combine powerful engines, straightforward drivelines and efficient hydraulic systems to maximise productivity and performance.

Meeting the needs of farmers and growers across the widest range of applications with their combination of proven design, ease of operation and rugged dependability.

Key Benefits


  • 82 – 90 Hp, 4 cylinder simpson engine.
  • 8F x 2R sliding mesh centre transmission. Four gears fall within the typical field working range 4 km/h to 12 km/h.
  • 540 rpm PTO with 35mm/6 spline output shaft and live clutch.
  • Fully adjustable front axle.
  • 4WD in standard for the 290 T and 290 Xtra.
  • Standard wheel, tyres and weights on all models.
  • Open centre hydraulic system with auxiliary pump for spools.
  • Trailer tipping valve is available on all models.

Available Models


Max Power (hp)



Max Torque (Nm)*

Lift Capacity (kg)

MF 290 Xtra 82 Natural Aspiration 4 Cylinder 8 Forward x 2 Reverse Centre Shift 291 2,050
MF 290 T 90 Turbocharger 4 Cylinder 12 Forward x 4 Reverse Centre Shift 378 2,050
* @1400 rpm

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