33-275 KVA

The MF950 Series from Massey Ferguson Power Series delivers exceptional performance, reliability, durability and low operating costs. All models within the range are available in both open and sound attenuated version, complete with a full array of optional extras to match your requirements.

Powered by the class-leading AGCO Power and Perkins engines, the MF 950 Series offers excellent fuel consumption and is well equipped to deal with even the most arduous conditions. Sectors served by this versatile range include construction, residential, agriculture, commercial and many more.

Key Benefits

Available Models


Prime Power

Standby Power







Generator (MeccAlte)

Fuel consumption @100% PRP, l / h

MF950-66 60/48 66/53 50 Hz 1500 rpm 400/230 ComAp. Model depend upon mode of operation AGCO POWER 33DTG 3 ECP322M4B 14.7
MF950-99 90/72 99/79 AGCO POWER 49DTG 4 ECP342S4A 21.1
MF950-121 110/88 121/97 AGCO POWER 49DTG 4 ECP341L4A 25.8
MF950-165 150/120 165/132 AGCO POWER 74DTG 6 ECP342L4A 33.8
MF950-225 205/164 225/180 AGCO POWER 74DTG 6 ECO383S4A 44.6
MF950-275 250/200 275/220 AGCO POWER 84WIG 6 ECO381L4A 49

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