Massey Ferguson hay and forage range extended and strengthened with new balers and wrappers

Massey Ferguson hay and forage range extended and strengthened with new balers and wrappers

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the addition of new products in the MF Hay and Forage range, part of the company’s strategy as a full line manufacturer.

The new products will be launched at Innovagri, France (4 to 6 September 2018) and will be available for the 2019 season.

The new models comprise the MF RB 3130F fixed chamber round baler, MF RB 3130F Protec and MF RB 4160V Protec fixed and variable chamber baler/wrappers and the new MF TW 130 trailed wrapper.

A reliable and high performing baler producing high density 1.25m diameter silage, hay or straw bales, MF RB 3130F features numerous updates to improve performance and bale quality. Additional versatility to produce chopped forage is offered by the MF RB 3130F Xtracut with a choice of 13, 17 or 25 knives.
The improved chamber has a spiral-type design improving feeding and bale rotation, increasing density and net grip. Mechanical tail gate locks with pressure sensors on both sides help maintain bale shape. Left-right indication allows the operator to monitor the outer layers of bale from the cab.

Hydroflexcontrol offers a two-stage protection system against crop blockages, using automatic mechanical floor cushioning to clear minor blockages or hydraulically controlled floor lowering to clear major obstructions.

The new MF RB 3130F Protec and MF RB 4160V Protec balers combine the benefits of the MF fixed and variable chamber balers with the addition of an integrated wrapper device for fast, efficient baling and wrapping.

A lower crop elevation angle reduces the overall baler height, improving stability and allowing safer and faster hillside operation.

Two active guiding plates on both sides of the baler direct the bale to the centre of the wrapper plate, for a faster and more secure transfer cycle. The unique slope transfer mode allows for the transfer arm to move more slowly while the wrapper ring is lifted higher to receive the bale, ensuring that it is securely delivered to the wrapper.

The wrapping table is lowered for unloading, minimising bale rolling speed, preventing film damage and maintaining the ideal bale shape.

The MF TW 130 trailed wrapper offers an exceptionally low wrapping table and semi-automatic controls for fast and reliable operation.

A strong, welded loading arm easily lifts bales up to 1.30m diameter and a weight of up 1000kg.

Bale discharge is exceptionally gentle, thanks to the table which tilts close to the ground when unloading bales.

Francesco Quaranta, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Massey Ferguson, EME comments: “As a result of our continuous development we proudly introduce a new range of MF round balers, baler/wrapper combinations and trailed wrappers.”

“Enhancing our forage range to precisely meet the needs of farmers and contractors is our goal, offering solutions to suit their end use or market requirements, their crops, and their terrain, and this is clearly demonstrated in these new machines.”

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