ROI Calculator

This tool is intended to show the economic benefits of precision farming in a simple way.* The calculator has some default values for technology, crops and other settings. You can change these values to reflect your agricultural needs. You can export these values as a CSV file to pass on to your dealer or sales representative.

Start by selecting each machine icon to input values for the technology you are using and your crop types. The payback results will update based on the input from all four machine types.

See below for additional instructions.

5 Year Total Savings

$ 2,420,000

Potential payback time in MONTHS 3.8
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  • 1st year$ 352,000
  • 2nd year$ 517,000
  • 3rd year$ 517,000
  • 4th year$ 517,000
  • 5th year$ 517,000

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Technology Qty Cost per unit Input Savings Increase Yields
Machine & fleet management
Wireless task file transfer
Total tractor technology investment costs $ 86,000
Total tractor technology increased yields 1.75%
Total tractor technology reduction in input costs 1.5%

Normal gross income $ 2,350,000
Input savings $ 235,000
Yield increase $ 282,000
Total increase in production $ 517,000
Total investment $ 165,000

CropsArea plantedYield per area unitUnit priceTotal incomeInput savingsYield increaseSavings

Total cost of production in percentage of total gross income %
Reduction in percent resulted by using precision farm products %
Final costs of production %




*This Calculator is provided by AGCO for informational purposes only and calculations are based on precision farming industry averages. AGCO does not represent or warrant the accuracy of the Calculator and disclaims any liability associated with your use of, or reliance on, the Calculator. Actual results may depend on a variety of factors and may differ significantly from calculated results. You are encouraged to seek your own independent advice and perform your own calculations regarding the potential savings associated with the use of precision farming equipment.