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MF 5400 55 - 106 kW

Adaptive. Agile. Precise.

MF 5400

The hardworking range of MF 5400 Series tractors has evolved with the introduction of four extra models, further ensuring that all your farming needs are covered.

These responsive, powerful machines are designed and engineered for maximum versatility. Whether you are a livestock, dairy, arable or hillside farmer, an MF 5400 tractor will ensure the job gets done.

Superb visibility, high ground clearance, compact dimensions and excellent stability are just some of the features that make the MF 5400 range our new generation of tractors.

Model Engine/Capacity Rated kw**
ISO TR14396 @ *2200 or *2000 rpm
MF 5410 4 cyl./4.4 litre 55 55
MF 5420 4 cyl./4.4 litre 58.9 60.4
MF 5430 4 cyl./4.4 litre 66.2 67.7
MF 5440 4 cyl./4.4 litre 73.6 75.1
MF 5445 4 cyl./4.4 litre 69.9 73.6
MF 5450 4 cyl./4.4 litre 77.3 78.8
MF 5455 4 cyl./4.4 litre 77.3 82.4
MF 5460 4 cyl./4.4 litre 85 92
MF 5470 4 cyl./4.4 litre 92 99
MF 5480 4 cyl./4.9 litre 99 106
New MF 5400 Features

New Features

For an even better operator experience

• Each new model boasts a high visibility bonnet and a Visio roof can be specified, providing first-rate, all-round visibility. An industry leading, factory fitted MF 900 Series loader with a maximum lift height of 4m can also be specified.

• The new rear axle has been specifically designed for this tractor, offering electro-hydraulic PTO speed selection and electro-hydraulic creeper control. Its compact design allows for excellent ground clearance.

• Fully integrated front axle design. Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) provides better stability and control when using front implements. Compact front linkage, front PTO plus an integrated loader subframe ensures closer attachment of implements and an impressive turning radius.



Precisely meet your power requirements

Perkins 4-cylinder, mechanical injection engines ensure highly efficient power and fuel economy in various applications.

Each model also gets an extra 10hp (ISO) power boost.

Up to an additional 13hp is generated automatically in 3rd and 4th gears to help reduce journey times and increase efficiency when hauling, mowing, baling cultivating and fertiliser spreading.

All engines deliver superb fuel economy across a wide operating range even in the most demanding conditions.


Dyna-4 Transmission

Straightforward & efficient

Dyna- 4 transmission offers four powershift steps in four gears providing 16F/16R speeds and completely clutchless operation

Dyna-4 comes with the renowned left-hand, dash-mounted Power Control lever for effortless forward and reverse shuttling. Operators can also set shuttle sensitivity by means of a small rotary dial – more aggressive for fast, quick-cycle work such as loading muck, or slow and smooth for jobs like stacking pallets.

Manoeuvring and headland turns are simplified as operators can change direction with the left hand while operating loader controls with the right.

A creep gearbox option offers speeds down to 0.6km/h. This latest mechanical-based gearbox adds increased performance, ease of use and even better ergonomics - perfect for livestock/mixed farming.

Combined with the sloping bonnet, Visioline roof and 100 l/min hydraulics options, and Dyna-4 transmission makes the MF 5400 Series the dream performer for loader operations.

Developed from Massey Ferguson’s well-accepted and well-proven Dyna-6 transmission unit, after starting the tractor with Dyna-4, there is no further need to use the clutch to change any speeds or direction.

Four speeds in each gear can be changed under load simply by the flick of a lever. The ratios can also be selected, without using the clutch by simply pressing a button on the console-mounted lever

The 16-speed gearbox provides a good choice of speeds between 1.5 Km/h and 40 Km/h (depending on model and tyre specification).



Save fuel and cut production costs

All MF 5400 Series models can be specified with a range of PTO equipment to suit all types of work and applications.

Options include 540rpm six-spline, 540/1000rpm six and 21 spline (exchangeable) and six and 21 spline flange fitting.

All PTO speeds are shiftable from both inside and outside the cab.

Economy (1500rpm) and proportional ground speeds also available.

Standard PTO specification may vary from market to market. Please check with your local MF dealer.


Operator Environment

Comfortable, spacious and easy to operate

Massey Ferguson cab style and structure offers industry-leading standards of comfort, visibility and control.

For the first time in tractors under 100 hp, optional cab suspension is now available on all MF 5400 flat floor cab versions, providing even greater safety & and enhanced operator comfort when you need it most.

Superb all-round visibility through the glass-to-floor doors, and ideally placed ‘B’ pillars ensure a good view to the side and back through opening rounded rear three-quarter windows.

For loader work, choose Massey Ferguson’s novel Visio glass roof panel available on all tractors. Glass panel can be opened and also features a sun blind. For the ultimate view, combine the Visio roof with the sloping bonnet available on all four-cylinder models.

Optional low profile cab has lower overall height than standard version – reduced by 212 mm to only 2.52m on 16.9 R34 tyres - ideal for operation in confined spaces and low buildings. Choose either slimline, standard or Visioline roof options depending on usage and maximum height requirements.

Mechanical suspension swivel seat fitted as standard. Manually-adjusted pneumatic suspension seat and fold-down passenger seat available as options

Heating and ventilation system has more outlets, improved air distribution and more accurate temperature control. For additional comfort air conditioning is available as an option. An opening windscreen is available in some markets.

All controls laid out logically in a new side console where the single gearlever, spool valve levers and hydraulic controls fall easily to hand.

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Hydraulics and Linkage

Simple, effective and convenient

Standard lift of 5000 kg is one of the best hitch capacities in its class – enables the MF 5400 to handle a wide range of mounted equipment. Optional 75mm rams increase lift capacity to 6000 kg.

Three-point linkage control is via MF’s renowned Electronic Linkage Control (ELC)- using MF’s ‘mouse’ unit and the ELC panel fitted to the cab’s new right-hand side console, providing you with greater control of your implements.

Hydraulic power comes from a two-pump, open-centre system (32.7 and 57 litre/min) to supply up to four single or double acting mechanically-operated spool valves or a combination of both. Hydraulic flow of 100 l/min is also available as an option.

Mechanical joystick option mounted to the right-hand console - allows control of two spool valves with one lever. Excellent for operating a loader with more than two hydraulic functions. Visit the MF 900 series loaders page for more information.

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Platform models

Platform (non-cab) models

Outstanding performance in comfort and safety
  • Platform (non-cab) versions featuring 2-post Roll Over Protection Structure available on the MF 5425, 5435, 5445 and 5455 .
  • The platform is clear and open with the same right-hand controls as cab models.
  • Full compliance with EU noise legislation of below 86 dB(a).
  • Dyna-4 transmission standard on all models.
  • Comprehensive choice of PTO options – 540 rpm, 1000 rpm and ground speed.
  • Electronic Linkage Control – for exceptional accuracy and control of implements.
  • 5000 or 6000 Kg lift capacity.
  • High flow (57 l/min) external hydraulics – for powerful and speedy operation of external equipment.
  • Standard or optional sloping bonnet.
  • Side exhaust.
MF 5400 Packages

Comfort & Performance Packages

Find exactly what you need

Comfort Pack:

  • Adjustable steering column
  • Air suspended seat
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Telescopic large side mirrors

Comfort Plus Pack - as above plus:

  • Passenger seat
  • Rear screen wash/wipe
  • Air conditioning

Privilege Tractor:

  • Hook ends on link arms
  • 3rd spool valve
  • Shiftable flange PTO shaft
  • Economy PTO
  • 4 front single bulb and 2 rear double worklights
  • Mid-mounted front worklights
  • 120 amp alternator
  • Front fenders
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Air suspended swivel seats
  • Passenger seat
  • Rear screen wash/wipe
  • Telescopic large side mirrors
  • Air conditioning
  • Analogue and digital instrument panel

Loader Tractor:

  • Visio roof
  • Economy PTO
  • Loader subframe and hydraulic kit
  • 2 front and 2 rear worklights
  • Front fenders

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We’ve had the tractor (an MF 5455) a year now and it’s worked around 1000 hours. In that time, we’ve experienced a reduction in working times and improvements in productivity of some 50%. For example, cleaning out the cattle sheds used to take one and a half hours, now it takes 45 minutes!

Fabio Cazzaniga, Cusago, Milan Province

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