MF6600 Series 120 - 140 hp

High performance efficiency

MF 6600 Series - Massey Ferguson Mid hp Tractor Range

The Massey Ferguson DNA clearly runs through the MF 6600 range, with the same familiar, contemporary styling and a presence that makes every MF tractor stand out from the crowd.

The MF 6600 series is specifically designed for the customer who requires a high performance tractor with excellent manoeuvrability and visibility and is ideally suited to work efficiently with a loader and a front linkage.

A large variety of customers will benefit from this model's unique blend of features - from livestock and mixed farms through to broad acre and contracting operations.

The MF 6600 Series has a short wheelbase and a curved chassis and bonnet to ensure one of the best turning circles on the market. The lightweight design and powerful engine means that all models have a high power-to-weight ratio, for extraordinary all-round capability.

The MF6600 Series is a tractor that combines concentrated energy and power density, suiting perfectly the needs of those seeking a machine with compact dimensions with models available in specification levels matched to the engine and transmissions.

Key Features

• New powerful 4 cylinder 4,9L AGCO POWER Engine
• Common Rail Technology
• Diesel Oxidation Catalyser (DOC)
• Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
• Spacious and comfortable cab
• Pivoting front bonnet
• Excellent manoeuvrability,visibility and comfort during loader applications
• Integrated front linkage and PTO

Model Engine Type and Capacity Max HP Transmision Spec Level
MF6612 4 cyl. Turbo-intercooled/4.9 litre. 120 hp Dyna-4 Essential
MF6613 4 cyl. Turbo-intercooled/4.9 litre. 130 hp Dyna-6 Efficient
MF6614 4 cyl. Turbo-intercooled/4.9 litre. 130 hp or 140 hp Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT Efficient

Powerful, Compact 4 Cylinder Tractor

An increasing number of farmers seeking tractors in the 100hp to 200hp bracket are realising the benefits of a 4 cylinder tractor. A lighter footprint, better manoeuvrability and extra payload possibilities are just some of the ways in which, for some operators, a 4 cylinder machine can make more sense than a 6 cylinder tractor in this bracket.
The MF 6600 Series is a prime example of our combined efforts to refine the efficiency of common rail fuel technology and meet the specific needs of tractor owners in this power class. From our developments comes a high horsepower 4 cylinder tractor , offering up to 185hp (with Engine Power Management)courtesy of a fuelling system which calculates precisely the fuel required by the engine at any given moment, responding to the load placed upon it by transport, field, PTO or hydraulic applications. The result:optimum combustion and a cleaner, more powerful, more economical and more reliable engine that produces high levels of torque at low rpm. A 'no compromise' combination.

Power Management - more muscle when you need it.

Imagine a tractor that responds automatically to the load imposed on it, and adjusts fuelling accordingly to give you extra power when you need it most. MF 6600 Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 tractors benefit from Engine Power Management, providing a power boost designed to tackle tough transport and PTO work. Advanced electronic engine and transmission management makes more power automatically available under load or at speed.

Manoeuvrability and Traction

The MF 6600 curved chassis and bonnet smart design helps these tractors keep a extremely tight turning circle. Chassis design is such that the tractor handles well on the road, and has perfect weight distribution for excellent traction yet minimal soil impact in the field in all applications.

The Dyna transmissions - shift to the transmission that fits your tractor needs.

Dyna-4 Available on the MF 6612, the 16x16 Dyna-4 transmission provides four speeds in each of four ranges, all shifted without any need for the clutch.

Dyna-6 Available on the MF6613 and MF6614 is the ultimate in semi-powershift transmissions. The Dyna-6 offers six powershift steps in each of four ranges for ease of operation in the field and on the road. A total of 24 speeds in both directions which means there’s a match for virtually every operation, while top travel speed is either 40 or 50 km/h, both achieved at low engine speeds.

Dyna-VT Available on the MF6614, Dyna-VT is amazingly simple to operate and works extremely well in differing conditions. There’s no shifting of gears, no jolts and no breaks in traction or power. The unique Power Control lever makes forward/reverse shuttling and speed change convenient and hassle-free.

Operate your loader the Massey Ferguson way

When you purchase a Massey Ferguson loader with your new MF 6600 tractor it can be specified fully loader-ready to accept an MF loader. Your tractor will come complete from the factory with the loader subframe, designed for maximum manoeuvrability and maintenance access, already built on so that it forms an integral part of the machine. The optional mechanical multifunction joystick has additional transmission functions such as forward/reverse and speed change for added versatility during operation.

Essential - the new standard in straight forward operation

Essential is the base specification for the MF 6600 Series available on the MF6612, but it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements you would expect from Massey Ferguson, with a blend of simplicity, easy to use and versatility to fit needs that require power and performance without excess sophistication

Efficient - advanced equipment to boost work accuracy

Available on the MF6613 and MF6614 models, the efficient specification level delivers increased productivity. Operators can work faster, to a higher standard, with more accuracy together with high levels of comfort, ergonomics and reliability.

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