MF6600 Series 120 - 140 hp

High performance efficiency

MF 6600 Series - Massey Ferguson Mid hp Tractor Range
The Massey Ferguson DNA clearly runs through the MF 6600 range, with the same familiar, contemporary styling and a presence that makes every MF tractor stand out from the crowd.

The MF 6600 series is specifically designed for the customer who requires a high performance tractor with excellent manoeuvrability and visibility and is also able to work efficiently with a loader and a front linkage.

A large variety of customers from livestock and mixed farms through to broad acre and contracting operations will benefit from this model's unique blend of features.

Each model is available in specification levels matched to the engine and transmission.

Working closely with AGCO POWER, Massey Ferguson engineers have worked hard to refine the efficiency of common rail diesel engine technology to meet the specific needs of these purpose-built tractors.

By calculating precisely the amount of fuel required by the engine at any given moment, the system ensures optimum combustion in the cylinders. Giving you a cleaner, more powerful and reliable engine.

The MF 6600 series will be available with the Essential and Efficient packages depending on model.
Model Engine/Capacity Rated hp* Specification Transmision
MF6612 4 cyl. Turbo-Intercooled/4.9 litre 120 hp Essential Dyna-4
MF6613 4 cyl. Turbo-Intercooled/4.9 litre 130 hp Efficient Dyna-6
MF6614 4 cyl. Turbo-Intercooled/4.9 litre 130hp/140hp Efficient Dyna-6/Dyna-VT
Dyna-6 Eco Transmission

Dyna-6 Eco Transmission

Simply the best mechanical transmission

Dyna-6 Eco speed transmission is fitted to all models in the MF 6400 Series. The Speedmatching version is fitted as standard, and the Autodrive version optional.

The Eco feature provides max speed at 1900 rev/min for economical and quiet operation.

With the standard-fit Dyna-6 Speedmatching version, the tractor is permanently set in the Speedmatching mode so that it will automatically select the most appropriate Dynashift ratio (A-F) once a gear change has been made up or down.

After starting the tractor, with Dyna-6 there is no further need to use the clutch to change speed or direction. Its straightforward operation means you will always be in the right gear to tackle any job in any condition.

A semi powershift gearbox with 4 ranges and 6 Dynashift speeds offers 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds, providing smooth shuttling and gear changes as well as automatic shifting modes for increased output and fuel savings.

Creep and Supercreep options are available providing up to 48-forward and 48 reverse speeds.

A choice of full manual and partially- or fully-automated speed selection is provided, all with clutchless gear and range changes.

For even further productivity and control, the Dyna-6 AutoDrive version can be specified.

The Rotary AutoDrive Controller Dial can be set to either manual or automatic mode enabling the operator to control the gearbox.

In Manual mode the operator makes the upshifts and downshifts himself. In Speedmatching mode when the operator changes range it will automatically find the correct Dynashift ratio. In Automatic AutoDrive mode, the operator can set the dial in order that the gear ratio or range changes are done automatically. This is particularly useful in transport operations as it minimises effort and maximises fuel economy.

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Datatronic III

Datatronic III

Information, control and easy operation

Massey Ferguson’s industry-leading information, control and cost management system is optional on all MF 6400 models, and is operated via the full-colour GTA Console. GTA100 Communicator software for operating data management and analysis is standard with the GTA Console.

Datatronic III enables automated equipment operation, gathers and records information, and is compatible with ISOBUS - the standard operating system for the agricultural world. Implement manufacturers’ software can be displayed and controlled on the GTA screen, so there is no requirement for an additional terminal.

Offering simple operation with a straightforward main menu, Datatronic III includes an advanced field and headland management tool with manual or automatic programming at the touch of a button.

Valuable operating data can be transferred to the office computer via an SD card where GTA100 Communicator software can be used for managing records, analysing field and tractor data and exporting data to other farm management programs.

The GTA100 Communicator provides a user-friendly program to produce a range of job records which help manage farm operations more efficiently and aid the traceability of farm activities.

Available as an option, GTA200 Record Keeping software enables users to create reports on specific business areas such as fleet management, equipment usage and field planning.

Add a GPS signal to Datatronic 3 and the location of the recorded date along with the tractor data. GTA300 (available as an upgrade option) then allows the user to create maps of areas worked plus analysis of tractor performance and field conditions for improved management decisions.



Plenty of power... and more in reserve

Complying with the most stringent emissions legislation, Perkins and AGCO SISU POWER engines ensure that more power and even higher torque are matched perfectly to the job.

All MF 6400 models feature Tier III engines with common rail injection, four valves/cylinder and electronic control for increased power and torque characteristics, constant idle speed, lower noise and reduced emissions.

The standard ‘Power boost’ automatically provides extra hp to further enhance performance through a second engine curve available at any engine rpm. This means extra hp is available even at low rpm.

In PTO work and transport conditions, extra power is available for increased output and reduced journey time in transport.

The common rail injection system uses an Electronic Control Unit which regulates and optimises injection pressure to match individual operating conditions and loads.

By analysing the engine’s demand more than 100 times a second, the system regulates fuel quantity and injection timing to precisely suit the load. Injection is phased in up to five stages, which is key to reducing emissions while maintaining good fuel economy.

Cooling package on Tier III engines has been redesigned to give better cooling capacity and easier maintenance. 6-cylinder models also have new pivoting radiators for better cleaning access.


Operator Environment

Quiet, comfortable and economical... whatever the task

Life in the tractor cab has never been better thanks to the features on the MF 6400.

The spacious, well-thought out cab has switches and controls grouped by function with information displayed in either digital, analogue or graphic form.

There is air conditioning or full climate control which retains the memory of the temperature at start-up, automatically maintaining a constant temperature.

Air suspension of the standard dual stage suspended cab optimises ride comfort in different operating conditions and the firmness of ride can be adjusted at the flick of a switch to suit field or road transport conditions.



Improved comfort, safety and speed

Optional QuadLink is simple and compact providing increased driver comfort as well as safety on the road and in the field.

Regardless of front axle load, oscillation or turning angle, the electronic control mechanism automatically maintains a constant suspension height.

QuadLink virtually eliminates fore and aft ‘pitching’ that can build up when travelling at speed, enabling faster transport. In field work, QuadLink reduces shock loads on both tractor and driver, leading to increased comfort for the operator and less component stress and wear for the machine.

With wheels maintaining full contact with the ground for more of the time, front wheel traction is boosted by up to 20% and steering is safer and more positive.

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Hydraulics, Linkage & PTO

Be sure to get optimum performance, power and precision

Featuring a Closed Centre Load Sensing system with oil flow up to 110 l/min enabling the precise matching of hydraulic power requirements.

Lift capacities range from 5850 Kg to 9100 Kg, and external spool valve couplers enable equipment to be connected and disconnected under pressure for better implement hook-up.

Electronic linkage control is standard for more accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability when employing implements, with a choice of mechanical or up to four electro-hydraulic spool valves.


Optional Integrated Linkage System

Manoeuvre and turn faster

Front axle support and Massey Ferguson Integrated Linkage System (ILS) is optional on all 6-cylinder models.

Front axle support casting incorporates mounting points for the front linkage making it stronger and more durable.

The front linkage design is compact and includes a towing clevis, electric connector and provision for two spool valve couplers.

Ballast options

Option Packs

Find exactly what you need

The MF 6400 Series can be specified with a huge range of individual options, but to make life simpler and more cost-effective, choose from these ‘option packs’ and get great value-for-money.

Operator Comfort Pack:

Super deluxe operator's seat
Cimate control airconditing
Xenon work lights - two at the front and two at the rear

Road Transport Pack:

Dyna-6 50kms auto drive function
Quad link suspended front axle

Hydraulic Pack:

Bundled packages available to suit individual applications and operator requirements.

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