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MF 5400

The enduring popularity of the MF 5400 Series has received a considerable boost with the introduction of a range of enhancements.

These aim to provide users with more power, improved performance and a more modern appearance, but maintaining the 5400 Series’ reputation for simplicity of operation, reliability and ease of maintenance.

The four new models introduced in 2011, feature a brand new, sophisticated design. These tough and versatile workhorses are desgined and built to handle the most challenging tasks.

Model Engine/Capacity Rated hp (kW)* Max. hp (kW)**
ISO TR14396 @ *2200 or **2000 rpm
MF 5420 (NEW) 4 cyl./4.4 litre 80 (59) 82 (60)
MF 5430 (NEW) 4 cyl./4.4 litre 90 (66) 92 (67)
MF 5440 (NEW) 4 cyl./4.4 litre 100 (74) 102 (76)
MF 5450 (NEW) 4 cyl./4.4 litre 105 (77) 107 (79)
MF 5445 4 cyl./4.4 litre 95 100
MF 5455 4 cyl./4.4 litre 105 112
MF 5460 4 cyl./4.4 litre 115 (85) 125 (92)
MF 5465 6 cyl./6.6 litre 120 (88) 130 (96)
MF 5470 4 cyl./4.4 litre 125 (92) 135 (99)
MF 5475 6 cyl./6.6 litre 135 (99) 145 (106)


More power, more fuel savings

Models between 86-100hp are equipped with new Perkins 1104C-44 four-cylinder engines. Turbo charges are also fitted to 90hp and 100hp models. Key advanced technology features include four valves/cylinder, common-rail fuel injection, waste-gated turbochargers, intercoolers and electronic control.

These features deliver up to 8% higher maximum power and 11% more torque across all engine speeds.

Each model also gets an extra 10hp (ISO) power boost for transport.

Additional 10hp for transport is generated automatically in 3rd and 4th gears to help reduce journey times and increase efficiency when hauling.

All engines deliver superb fuel economy across a wide operating range even in the most demanding conditions.


Dyna-4 Transmission

Smooth and flexible: best in class

Offering four powershift steps in four gears providing 16F/16R speeds and completely clutchless operation, Dyna-4 is standard on 115hp-135hp models.

Dyna-4 comes with the renowned left-hand, dash-mounted Power Control lever for effortless forward and reverse shuttling. Operators can also set shuttle sensitivity by means of a small rotary dial – more aggressive for fast, quick-cycle work such as loading muck, or slow and smooth for jobs like stacking pallets.

Developed from MF’s well-accepted and well-proven Dyna-6 transmission unit, after starting the tractor with Dyna-4, there is no further need to use the clutch to change any speeds or direction.

Four speeds in each gear can be changed under load simply by the flick of a lever. The ratios can also be selected, without using the clutch by simply pressing a button on the console-mounted lever.



Match your farms' demands

All MF 5400 Series models can be specified with a range of PTO equipment to suit all types of work and applications.

Options include 540rpm six-spline, 540/1000rpm six and 21 spline (exchangeable), with six and 21 spline flange fitting.

All PTO speeds are shiftable from both inside and outside the cab.

Economy (1500rpm) and proportional ground speeds also available.

PTO specifications may vary from market to market, please check with your local Massey Ferguson dealer.


Operator Environment

Day or night; outstanding comfort and visibility

The MF 5400 cab style and structure offers industry-leading standards of comfort, visibility and control.

Superb all-round visibility through the glass-to-floor doors, and ideally placed ‘B’ pillars ensure a good view to the side and back through opening rounded rear three-quarter windows.

The tractors come with a manually-adjustable pneumatic suspension seat and fold-down passenger seat as standard.

Air conditioning is standard on all models.

All controls laid out logically in a new side console where the single gearlever, spool valve levers and hydraulic controls are easily accessable.

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Hydraulics and Linkage

All the dependable power you need

The standard lift of 5000 kg is one of the best hitch capacities in its class – enabling the MF 5400 to handle a wide range of mounted equipment, with larger models featuring a 75mm rams increase lift capacity of upto 6000 kg.

Three-point linkage control is via MF’s renowned lower link Electronic Linkage Control (ELC). Using the ELC panel, which is fitted to the cab’s new right-hand side console, provides you with greater control of your implements.

6-cylinder models feature optional 2.5 tonne capacity integrated front linkage and PTO. New front axle support casting provides a neat, compact mounting for additional strength and a tighter turning circle.

A factory fitted loader is also an optional extra -  visit the MF 900 series loaders page for more information.

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