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4.4 litre 110 hp or 6.6 litre 190 HP, Sisu Diesel Tier III

Larger Fuel Tank: Along with  a new engine the MF 9635 has a larger fuel tank at 377 litres allowing the operator to run even longer without stopping for fuel.

Massive Clearance: Providing outstanding performance in a wide variety of conditions and crops, the MF 9000 Series boasts the best under chassis clearance on the market making them the ideal choice for larger crops like canola.

High Performance Hydraulics: The high specification hydraulic system provides extremely efficient traction drive. While a seprate hydraulic system is utilised to drive the header; meaning hook up only takes a matter of minutes.

Efficient Drive: Traction drive is direct to the wheels through hydraulic motors mounted in the final drives. Meaning no power losses through chain drives and a reduction in maintenance.

Planetary ratio is high at 42:1, which provides excellent torque and power to ground transfer.

Better Built: The MF 9000 Series swathers are built with a solid steel frame that is fully welded and reinforced to handle the stress of high speed swathing over a long life span. 

Model Engine Weight kg hp @ rpm
MF 9435 SISU 4.4 Litre CTA 3924 110 @ 2500
MF 9635 SISU 6.6 Litre CTA 5070 190 @ 2400
Swather Headers

Swather Headers

MF 5200 Draper Headers 

Versatile Design - The MF5200 Series draper fronts are available in 7.6 m, 9.1 m and 10.97 m cutting widths. The 7.6 m and 9.1 m fronts deliver crop to either side or to the centre of the front, while the 10.97m unit is centre delivery only.

High Performance - Featuring wide belts, Schumacher knife drive and a U2 five tyne bar reel, these fronts are built to perform in a wide variety of crops.

Easy Attachment - With the easy hook-up system, these machines can even save you money before you get to the paddock.

MF 9100 Disc Headers

High Performance Disc Heads - The Massey Ferguson disc conditioning heads have a cutting width of 4.65 m.

Excellent performance In all crop conditions - The 2.8 m steel on steel conditioning system is fed by the exclusive turbulence reduction roll that is positioned between the cutter-bar and the conditioning rolls. This is especially beneficial in light fluffy type crops.

The MF9190 - has a high efficiency conditioning system. The herringbone style conditioning rolls are intermeshing and are designed to aggressively condition the stem whilst being extremely gentle on the crop leaf, thereby reducing the crop dry-down time.

The MF9192 Is fitted With ur exclusive Advanced Conditioning System. This system has two sets of herringbone style rollers for an even more efficient conditioning result without the loss of speed or the need for a second pass. Each roll set can be adjusted individually for the best result in any crop condition.

MF 9125 Series Sickle-bar Auger Headers

Two Widths - The MF9125 sickle-bar auger fronts come in 4.3 m and 4.9 m cutting widths.

Efficient Drives - The sickles are driven directly from a gearbox through a very efficient sway-bar system. The reel features ball bearings on the tyne bar supports for long life and low maintenance costs.

Smooth Feed - The centrally supported full width augers effortlessly transfer the crop to the fully adjustable conditioning rolls.

High Efficiency Conditioning System - The 2.8 m long conditioning rolls are intermeshing steel on steel rolls that are designed to aggressively condition the stem whilst being extremely gentle on the crop leaf.

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