MF 2100

High output, low downtime, fast payback

MF 2100 - Large Square Baler Range

Manufactured at our plant in Hesston, Kansas, this range of high-capacity, large, rectangular balers, the MF 2100 Series, promises hassle-free baling - ideal for family farms, dairies and livestock farmers, as well as contractors and large straw and silage producers. All models produce solid bales of consistent quality and feature the original pre-compression chamber and double knotter designs pioneered at our Hesston factory.

These machines represent a whole new generation of big balers, ‘raising the bar’ significantly in this highly competitive sector of the market.

Model Bale Size (W x H) Plunger Pickup Working Width
MF 2150 (3'x3') 800 x 880 mm 47 strokes/min 2200 mm
MF 2170 (4'x3') 1200 x 875 mm 47 strokes/min 2200 mm
MF 2170 XD 1200 x 875 mm 47 strokes/min 2200 mm
MF 2190 (4'x4') 1280 x 1200 mm 33 strokes/min 2200 mm
MF 2170


Built for the most demanding harvests

The MF 2100 baler range features an improved pick-up design delivering high capacity yet gentle feed of crop.

The MF 2190 Balers have up to 30% greater baling capacity.

Increase in plunger speed for greater output on all models.

Other Features include:

Chain-driven from the main gearbox, the unique double knotter system is retained to give reliable tying for bale after bale.

The pre-compression chamber pre-forms every bale flake ensuring the crop is of even density and evenly distributed throughout the flake.

A knotter blower is standard on all models and blasts air at 140 km/h over the knotters to clear debris.

Optional 65 km/h rated self-steering tandem axle for enhanced performance.

The high strength, high quality steel frame gives integral durability.

Simple, efficient drive gives top performance and easy maintenance.

Standard automatic knotter lubrication system maintains peak efficiency.

MF 2150 and MF 2170 can be fitted with a cutter featuring quick-select chop length and spring protection for each knife.

Excellent twine storage capacity reduces downtime and increases output to 30 balls on all models. Storing the twine balls at a 30° angle reduces the area taken up by the twine boxes.

Fully-adjustable hitch.

GTA Console controller features top quality colour screen.  The balers are ISO-compliant and can be connected to tractors with ISO VT terminals.

Bales can have their lengths adjusted up to 2.7m to fill trucks and trailers to the limit.

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I’m really impressed with its appetite. In straight-line straw baling, producing 600 kg bales, we achieved 27 bales in just 21 minutes, I also appreciate the simplicity of the machine. It is easy, for example, for operators to make adjustments in the field.

Keith Wilson, Shropshire, UK

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