MF1840 Series Small Square Baler

Centre-line small rectangular baler

MF1840 Small Square Baler

The MF 1840 builds on the highly successful MF 1839 Baler with new features to further en-hance the performance of the highly successful centreline baler design.

The unique centre-line construction is designed to run in-line directly behind the tractor for unrivalled convenience and field efficiency. In addition it also gives you better weight distribution and reduces ground compaction.

The wide pick-up with centering augers increases baling capacity by evenly filling both sides of the bale chamber, creating uniform shaped bales. Dual pick-up gauge wheels help to maintain a healthy feed and avoid tine damage. The low profile pick-up gently lifts the crop a short distance and feeds it directly into a pre-packer chamber, reducing crop damage and leaf loss. Improves crop feed and allows for an increased working speed.

The MF 1840 baler goes from strength-to-strength thanks to its popular design and well-established reputation as the perfect small, square baler - whether you bale a few hectares a year for your own livestock, or produce thousands of bales annually in a commercial operation, the MF 1840 will fit your requirements and budget perfectly.

Key Features

• Convenient in-line design
• Superior feeding pick up
• Rugged knotter design
• Optiform™ bale chamber
• High capacity plunger speed of 100 strokes per minute
• Twine storage capacity for ten super large spools

OptiForm™ Bale Chamber Extended

To ensure consistent bale shape in all conditions and maintain uniform density the “OptiForm” bale chamber has been extended by 18 inches.

Knotter Fan

To help ensure the efficient operation of the knotters, an optional cleaning fan has been introduced to ensure debris is blown clear. This feature is available as an option as part of the new MF1840 High Performance Package, which will also include hydraulic bale tension.

Twine Capacity

To maintain field up-time, larger twine holding capacity has been introduced. This will enable a total of ten spools of twine to be carried rather than six, thus reducing down-time and improving daily work rates.

MF1840 Packer Fork

Packer Fork

A new packer fork with revised spacing and a new geometry of travel featured. This significantly increases feeder capacity in a range of crops and conditions.

Up-turning Augers

To provide additional pick-up capacity particularly in damper and uneven crops the pick-up cross augers are revised. They now become ‘up-turning’ augers and move the crop across their front rather than ‘down turning’ auger which feeds the crop under them and across toward the centre of the pickup. This considerably increases the pick-up capacity in difficult conditions.

Adjustable Drawbar

To allow for easier attachment to a larger range of tractors, a new adjustable hitch is fitted to the baler.

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